Richie Hawtin releases CLOSER an interactive mobile app

Richie Hawtin, today, releases CLOSER, an interactive mobile app created in partnership with Telekom Electronic Beats, allowing users innovative new ways to manipulate and engage with his recently released audiovisual mix album CLOSE COMBINED (GLASGOW, LONDON, TOKYO – LIVE). The app also includes an exclusive audiovisual edit of his 2017 performance from Bonusz Festival in Budapest entitled ‘BUDAPEST CONDENSED,’ the first of many classic Hawtin performances to be released exclusively inside the app.

The CLOSER app provides two core features for the user to dive into ON-DEMAND MIXING and future INTERACTIVE LIVE STREAMS. An overlaid mixer panel allows users the ability to deconstruct and manipulate individual audio channels of Hawtin’s mix including drums, synths, effects and decks. The app’s unique three-panel vertical layout allows fans to view and toggle between distinct HD camera angles from the CLOSE live performances – crowd view, stage setup and equipment close-ups – bringing the audience closer to the creative impulse that drives Hawtin’s performance. Hawtin’s own innovative RADR technology provides real-time track information within the app experience.

‘CLOSER’ bridges the gap that currently exists between the live experience of electronic music and the digital experience online. The experience will continue to evolve into the future, when the app’s LIVE STREAM capability is activated, offering users the ability to interact with live performances in the same way they can currently with recorded shows.

Richie Hawtin states: “I’ve always been interested in the intersection of music and technology and the CLOSER App is the perfect marriage of the two, which I hope gives new insight into how I play and create my unique Hawtin sound. In a world filled with DJs who are happy with the status quo of electronic music performance, I strive to push forward, challenge myself and hopefully inspire the next generation of Techno performers to continue to go beyond the norm.”

“Richie Hawtin and Telekom Electronic Beats both focus on creating experiences that can help people make meaningful connections through music. That’s what our interactive mobile app CLOSER is all about.” – Ralf Lülsdorf, International Market Communications Deutsche Telekom

Richie Hawtin is one of the most innovative and creative minds of our time. Primarily known for being one of the world’s biggest techno DJs, he’s expanded the boundaries of the art form using and developing state of the art technology, blurring the line between man and machine, on stage and in his seminal mix albums (the DE9 series, Decks EFX&909, CLOSE COMBINED).

Following a range of artist monikers like F.U.S.E. or Circuit Breaker, Hawtin’s best-known alias next to his real name is Plastikman. The Plastikman sound has developed through early connotations of acidic techno and extreme levels of energy to sonic experiments in futuristic-rhythms and off-world ambience. His driving force is innovation and experimentation in every one of his projects whether in the realm of music, technology, art or design.

The CLOSER App is available at iOS App Store, Google Play or here as a free download.

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