Robbie Lowe lays down his all time favourites ahead of his Progressive House Classics night

Robbie Lowe is a DJs DJ. Fiercely passionate about the music, but always with a smile on his face, you can find him across Sydney most weekends playing or supporting the local nights or catching waves in Manly. With a long standing love for all things electronic, his warm melodic sound has seen him become one of the premier DJs of the Australian underground scene. Ahead of his Progressive House Classics night, held at Goodbar on July 7th, we asked him to put together a few of the classics between 1998 and 2004 that have spanned his 20+ year career, with each track carrying a sentimental memory, he explains why.

Sasha- Bloodlock

Just wouldn’t be a classics list without a track from Sashas legendary Airdrawndagger album. A tough one narrowing down one tune here but personally I give Bloodlock the nod. Mainly because I played it a loads back in the Sweetchilli days and have an attachment to this record and it brings back many good memories! But the best is Sasha himself playing it at Homebush Stadium in 2002. It was an unforgettable moment in time.

Bedrock – Heaven Scent (Evolution Main Mix)

A pivotal Release from John Digweed’s Bedrock label. I rinsed this remix, partly because it’s a stripped down version of the original making it a bit easier to play. I actually have a signed and framed copy of the record sleeve in my lounge room. I took the record down to Melbourne in 2001 to see John play at a venue called Chevron. To this day still one of the best sets I’ve dance to. I snuck into the DJ booth and asked him to sign my record. He did then I got booted out very quickly! Looking at the record on my wall always makes me laugh and takes me straight back to that night.

Matthew Dekay & Alvredo – Symbiosis

One of my all-time favourites! Never loses any charm or ability to stir any dance floor into frenzy. I love the smooth build all the way to that unmissable bass drop halfway through the record. It’s all class.

Agent 001 – Bubblebath (Omid 16B Remix)

The first time I heard this was on a Hernan Cattaneos Renaissance mix. It wasn’t released as yet but was so eager to get my hands on it! My wait ended warming up for Hernan at the Greenwood Hotel in 2004. I told him how much I loved this particular tune from the mix. He pulled his copy from his CD wallet and gave it to me… What a total legend.

Sander Kleinenberg – My Lexicon

A cult classic and usually one of first tunes anyone will think of when reflecting on this era. As many I first heard this record on Sasha’s famous GU Ibiza mix. It truly is a diamond alongside another tune on same release ‘Sacred’.

Paul Rogers – Krafty

Sumsonic is an awesome label and Krafty was a big release. A deep and driving tune with loads of energy. Always a winner.

Fisherspooner – Emerge (Junkie XL Remix)

A massive dance floor weapon, It really sets the mood and gets the attention of any dance floor quick. I guess you can’t really go wrong Junkie XL on the job!

Luke Chable Pres Quest – The Shepherd

Luke Chable was an influencer during this period. The super talented Melbourne based Aussie made a lot of amazing tunes and was making a big impact around the globe. This is one of my favourite Chable tunes for many reasons. It’s a pleasant journey with lush uplifting layers and melody, glued together by a relatively funky bassline.

Luzon – The Baguio Track

John Digweed! Is there a better track that suits his style? I reckon it was made for him. When I heard him play it in New York one year I lost my marbles. I bought 2 copies but have only played it a couple times. I’m too scared as its very intimidating mixing this monster into you last tune! John Digweed does it with class … of course.

Saints & Sinners – Pushing Too Hard

A friend brought this around to my house in 1999. That was the first time I heard it. I was like … “Damn, what is this!” Originally it was released on Sounds Good Records before being picked up by Bedrock in 2003. I loved it so much I swapped my Cass & Slide Perception record with my friend for it. I was stoked and so was he. Proper old school record trading went down that day!

Undo & Redo – The Voyager

Danny Howells blew me away with this tune. I remember him playing it at the Greenwood Hotel in 2003. Another memorable set that and I got to warm up for him on this day. It was the first time I’d been given the chance to warm up for an International DJ. He dropped it at the perfect time and it absolutely went off. That’s Danny Howells for you, always reading the crowd and dropping tunes in the right spot. Just a couple reasons he is my favourite DJ.

Funk D’void – All That Matters

A great record from a legendary DJ / Producer. This tune teases you all the way up to the bassline drop. It never gets old, total ear candy.

Steve Porter – The Return

Sasha brought me here … (again!). I car pooled just after his Sydney Airdrawndagger gig to catch him play at an intimate gig in Byron Bay. He played this record halfway thru his set and I went numb! A few days after I stumbled across the record in a local record shop. I was so stoked to have stumbled across it. Steve Porter was making some great Progressive House around this time and here is a great example.

Tomie Nevada – Meeting At The Cornfields

To me this is text book Progressive House. Slow building with lush layers. It never gets old to me, I just love it. Tomie Nevada is great at fusing together Progressive House and Techno with class.

Christian Smith & John Selway – Vanguad

This is a killer production duo. They have made some kick ass tunes over the years. Vanguard is a massive tune that combines both Progressive House and Techno vibe. These guys do it so well! It’s a smooth ride being layered and mesmerising but also packs a punch!

Jondi & Spesh – We are Connected

A famous tune from John Digweed’s first Bedrock mix compilation with the late great Steven Hawkins passage in the breakdown. It’s a real feel good tune. When I got a copy on vinyl I listened to it over and over for days.

Hybrid – Finished Symphony

The perfect closer … This tune will always stand the test of time. It made an impact on the dance music world when it was released. I remember it being released just before a Sounds Of Sydney party in1999 and I think I heard it played maybe 5 times at the party… but it still wasn’t enough!

Funk Function – Empress 1

Funk Function aka Lucien Foorte. Everything he did was awesome. It is hard to choose a favourite. I find his tunes were always really nice to play, they sound so polished thru big sound systems with easy intros and outros for a long and smooth mix.

Plato – Nothing From This (Echomen Remix)

Just another gem from Echomen! They have a very distinct sound that is usually unmissable. To me their tunes have a classic and timeless feel. I love this remix, bassline driven Progressive with lovely pads and strings. Always hits me in the spot.

Schiller – Ruhe (Humate Remix)

Huge! Another cult classic and will put a smile on anyone’s dial. It dashes over many genres as well. Sounds a tad fast these days but a slight nudge of the pitch will fix that!

You can catch Robbie Lowe A night of Progressive House classics from one of the golden eras of Progressive House. Spanning roughly from 1998 – 2005.

The Basement

It’s here where you will get lost and go bananas to the classic sounds from influential labels and mix compilations through this golden era like Bedrock, GU, Renaissance and Expeditions … (To name a few…) Plus of course lots of unsung favourites from around the Progressive House Spectrum.

Robbie Lowe (3hr set)
Ben Nott
Garth Linton


And upstairs you will be grooving away to the classic sounds from labels and comps like End Recordings, Tyrant, Euka House and GU Nubreed .. (The Techier side of things) … Also to name a few!

Ben Korbel
Sari Amia
Mark Dynamix

Saturday 7th of July at Goodbar. Follow facebook for more information and tickets

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