Robot lamps made from everyday household items

Check out these cool robot lamps from our friends over at Bored Panda.

It’s an obsession to scout around for old electronics, appliances, other people’s junk really or scavenge at scrap yards and take unrelated found objects, take them apart and build something totally new from scratch. Combine everything into an entirely new entity.

My Robots all have in common that their main body housing comes from old broken motors. Most of them in the pictures come from old vacuum cleaners, thus named as the HooverBot family with a height that varies from 30 to 40cm. There is a whole new generation in the making right now from bigger motors that could easily double these figures. We are getting bigger and bigger!

robot lamp 2

The electrical circuit is brand new. Almost all of the lamps are dimmable, some intended to be night lights and in others Edison bulbs are used with warm yellow light. Lately been experimenting with low RPM motors and started integrating them to the robots which now have moving parts. Like Nestor who has gears spinning on his torso.

Only recently did I share this passion with the world and I have so much positive feedback! It’s a fact that some of the family members already decided to move, which satisfies me greatly, as I imagine them in another person’s room, lighting up the place. They are some seriously Human loving robots.
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robot lamp 3