The mystical appeal of Roger Martinez

Artist : Roger Martinez
Title : Gomera / Innerspace
Label : Plattenbank
Release : 8th February 2016
Genre : Deep House

Dutch producer Roger Martinez has seen his powerhouse performances grace labels like Lost & Found and Sudbeat recently. Such is his mastery ofthe deep house genre that he now makes his debut on the ever reliable Plattenbank. “For me music is a way to reach people in a non-verbal and more direct way. Connecting to people using sonic vibrations to me is mystical and profound.” says Roger, and mystical is certainly one of of describing the kind of shamanic appeal this two tracker has.

‘Gomera’ is a deep infectious affair, that quickly gets under your skin and takes control of your body and mind. Subtle effects and crisp percussion are bolstered by a filthy low end of epic proportions, leaving the hallmark warm melodics to create dreamy soundscapes. A spectacular example of how to construct the perfect mid set deep house cut.

‘Innerspace’ is an altogether tougher workout. Chunky, funky and wrapped in a warm rubbery bass line, this is something of a treat! Clever tight percussion dance against dreamy and spacey pads and trippy vocal snippets, while the bass keeps everything moving forward nicely. Of the two exceptional cuts, this is the one you’ll find me playing more often, I would even go as far as to say its my second essential new tune this year.