Digital platform Rondo disrupts promotor and DJ model

Rondo Global Ltd known as Rondo ( is a new online platform connecting underground DJs with promoters globally. The platform, now live and in Beta has over 200 DJs registered and 50 profiles pushed to its global heat map, with a further 44,000 profiles that can be activated.

The digital start-up aims to fill a large gap in the market for representation of new and up and coming DJs / producers and live electronic artists, who otherwise find the industry difficult to break into. Rondo also launches the first fully tradable Alternative Currency for the music industry ‘RondoCoin’ signifying a host of benefits for future partners/vendors (clubs, events, festivals and music related brands).

With a growing database of promoters, the platform intelligently matches promoters with DJs and helps cut through the clutter involved in booking artists via a one click automated process. All the forms and info, including tech and hospitality riders are uploaded for both DJ and promoter to see significantly reducing the booking transaction time. Once the DJ agrees to a fee and confirms the booking the promoter initiates payment while Rondo transfers the funds to the DJ/artist instantly less a competitive 10% handling fee.

“Our mission is to connect today’s underground talent with new fans and promoters in a mutually beneficial and efficient way. For fans the ultimate experience will be to discover and follow their favourite DJ/artist in their location and dig deeper into their profile, accessing aggregated content and purchasing tickets, merchandise etc.” – Jonathan Finberg, founder of Rondo

‘RondoCoin’ (RC) is a registered and recognised Alt Currency on an international exchange and tradable with Bitcoin and regular currencies presenting a financial opportunity for DJs, fans and promoters. It features two-factor authentication, full SSL encryption and offline storage, conforming to the highest security industry standards.

Using RC to buy music, tickets, merchandise and/or pay for music online is Rondo’s ultimate goal and the company will incentivise users with the ability to earn RC though social media engagement and referral.

“Our vendors/partners will benefit from much lower transaction fees working with us as we’re able to shake things up and charge as little as 2% per transaction for Bitcoin or other recognised Alt currencies to RC. Normally both the buyer and seller pay fees but not in our case, the seller can cost in our fee without losing revenue and reducing their overheads and increasing revenue margins.” Finberg added

While technology continues to disrupt and evolve the physical act of DJing with the introduction of new form factors like Stems, it’s clear that the DJ/Artist promotion model is also set to undergo massive transformation through emerging technologies, content aggregation and the launch of the world’s first digital currency for DJs.

For more information on ‘RondoCoin’ see last section on the website.