Trash aims to bring back some good old fashioned partying to Rotterdam

Good news for clubbers in the Netherlands, after the unavoidable closing of Bahn. With the loss of one of the best underground clubs in Rotterdam, all eyes in the city were on Dirk Schmidt (Pop On Acid) and Wiebe Kuipers to deliver. Well, they’ve finally found new grounds for their next club adventure! TRASH opens it’s doors 23, 24 and 25th of June and it promises to be an epic series of club nights.

It’s the year of the harbour city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. International media such as The New York Times and the Lonely Planet say that it’s the city to visit in 2016. Rotterdam is especially beloved by its beautiful unique diversity in architecture and it’s underground club scene. 

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Nowadays top DJs from all over the world come to play in Rotterdam. From beautiful clubs such as Toffler, which has hosted international headliners like Adam Beyer, Loco-Dice, Sven Vath and much more to Bar and Transport who are also programming great events. And yet, it feels like Rotterdam is missing its own home; a place for the local ravers. A place like Bahn. Where it’s all about the music, not who’s on the guest list; VIP areas and huge lineup announcements but with a focus on entertainment and the experience of the clubbers. 

Bahn reintroduced the old fashion way of clubbing. DJs we’re no longer the stars of the night, but almost part of the bar crew because their booth was behind the bar. DJ’s such as Serge (Clone) for example, who played at the club and posted the day after on Facebook: 

“Proper nice vibes last night! Imperfect but therefore almost perfect conditions! No line up announced, no aircon, no function1 sound system, No smoking ban…

However, an open minded mixed crowd, good old smokey night club atmosphere with sweat dripping off the walls and the dancers having a good time with no idea who’s behind the decks just enjoying a drink or two, the music and each other. More of this please!!!” 

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TRASH is the next chapter of the nightlife adventures of Pop On Acid. Opening with the first two monthly theme: The Pilot. At the time of its creation, the pilot is meant to be the testing ground to gauge the extent to which the audience merge with their ideas. And is, therefore, an optimisation phase of an intended new chapter in the club scene of Rotterdam. 

TRASH provides atmosphere and the best house music carefully selected by the TRASH resident deejays. Deejays always have at least 2,5 hour set time and all sets are recorded in the club and broadcasted on TRASH radio. The pilot is an early step in the development of a new series of club nights. During the pilot, the main characters of TRASH will get their introduction. From the bar crew to the bouncers and the deejays they can all become your new best friends for the weekend. 

For more information, head to the TRASH website.