Ruckus 24 to launch at Leeds new venue The Arches

Ruckus24 is a party for the people, by the people. Created by seasoned veterans of the UK, Berlin and Ibiza nightlife scenes, the event has been inspired by decades of partying and the anarchist ways of the acid-house era. The brand delivers a modern, eye-catching, vibrant occasion complete with a playful atmosphere that has led to many sell out events. Ruckus24 is one of the fastest growing underground parties in the UK; while born in Leeds the party has grown to light up venues across the country, and it continues to build momentum. With a wink to the past and a nod to the future, each Ruckus24 event brings an unmatched degree of intensity and forward thinking music, while encouraging a safe space for all who love to rave.

Ruckus24 is built upon a foundation of a close sense of community, fostered by attendees, DJs and organisers all coming together for a night of pure music, energy and positivity. Each event offers a carefully crafted line-up that always promotes a dance-first music policy. All underground sounds are familiar to a Ruckus24 dance floor.

With a variety of sounds native to many different scenes across the globe, the DJ’s priority is always to take listeners on a journey. Ruckus24 has had the privilege of showcasing some of the industry’s biggest names, who have grown to become great friends and regulars at events including Arapu, Priku, Voigtmann, Rossko, Burnski, Christian AB, Sugar Free, Subb-an, Tristan Da Cunha and more. Their resident DJs are also crucial to the success the brand has enjoyed, each delivering memorable sets and using Ruckus24 as a platform to progress their careers and become notable names in the scene.

Ruckus24 champion rave culture, and look to inject the same spirit from decades of partying across the globe into all events they organise no matter the size. They provide a variety of alternative parties; curating events in major clubs, warehouses and unique one off locations too. With some private, some public, and some in secret, the range of events Ruckus24 can facilitate is impressive to any fan of underground dance music. 

Tickets for Ruckus24’s first show back with Lauren Lo Slung, Keplar and more will be available –

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