Sasha & Digweed land in Barcelona’s Bullring on June 15th

Creaductions Monumental Arena parties during Barcelona Off-Week hosted some amazing parties last year, and this year they will be bigger and better. See here for the lowdown on the Saturday night party, but one of the main highlights over the infamous fringe week, has to be Sasha & Digweed’s event on Friday 15th June.

Separately, they deliver the goods and that is well documented through their work released on the Global Underground Series for example. But when they are together, the game is actually a whole new one.

There is a bigger story to be told about Sasha & Digweed for sure. From when the pair developed their respective careers together at Renaissance and gained mythical status. That story will tell you how they achieved some of the highest sales for commercially released DJ mixes and how they were always on the bleeding edge of the freshest electronica sound.

The last time I heard Sasha & Digweed wasn’t even in the flesh though. I had heard them at Renaissance and Cream, but never as a duo, so the first time I had access to their sets was back in the days when mix tapes still existed. I loved the Northern Exposure CD of course, a crucial turning point in the history of electronic music, where the art form of blending and transitioning tracks into a seamless sonic smorgasbord crossed over from the underground to popular culture.

Readers should check the legendary Triple J mix, which they recorded in an unusual setting in Perth during their Northern Exposure Tour back in 1997, where the pair defined a sound described as progressive house at the time. The duo went on to host a renowned residency at Twilo, New York, which helped them establish the next electronic music crossover, focusing on pioneering concert production, such as the Delta Heavy Tour.

After a hiatus from their double-act performance, the pair continued with solo appearances and new musical production projects. During that time, I was lucky enough to meet John once in Space Ibiza and Sasha did a guest mix for a radio show I created in 2009. I was clearly eager for more, but was the world? It seemed so and their official reunion was announced in 2016 at Nic Fanciulli’s Social Festival in Kent.

Nic is also one of the special guests alongside Art Department, Anja Schneider back-to-back with Uner and Chelina Manuhutu at the Barcelona event. I saw Anja and Nic play there last year to an incredible response from the crowd, so expectation and excitement levels are definitely running high for this event with such and amazing line-up.

The wait is over and getting to hear these two in the open-air of Barcelona in the company of like-minded individuals must be one of the best parties put on in the city for a very long time.


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