#saveourculture Your chance to shape the future of UK Clubbing and the fate of Fabric Nightclub

We are fabric

For nearly two decades we have presented music, art and culture in London, something that we do with great pride. We’ve delivered 3,106 events in this time and welcomed 6.75 million people from around the world through our doors and down our stairs into a purpose built arena for the enjoyment of music. We’re recognised as a beacon of best practice in the industry (and even the court of law) for the operational practices we have developed and have in place to achieve this scale of event.

We built this space to create a safe place, a home – not a ‘super-club’. It’s called fabric for a reason, the fabric that unites us all, that brings people together, that stitches together race, gender, sexual preference and age into a brilliant tapestry. The best music, technology, interior and visual design.

But this September our licence was revoked which has forced us to close our doors. It’s been a challenging time for us but the support we’ve seen in recent weeks from around the world, our customers old and young, the artists who have been touched by us, our neighbours and our competitors is truly incredible. For that we are eternally grateful – it’s a testament to the importance that we all put on to community and culture.

This doesn’t have to be the end though, we’ve been advised that we have grounds to appeal. But we’re going to need some help.

It will be an expensive battle, and after 6 weeks of being closed with no income we cannot fight this alone. So we’re asking for our fans, peers and the greater population to contribute to our campaign fund, to help us keep a small fabric team, the venue in hibernation and to prepare our legal campaign.

If we fall, every club in the UK is vulnerable to similar police action. There’s a very real threat that no one will ever invest in quality, well run, safe venues again. The world leading, exciting, pioneering musical culture that originates in London and the UK will be gone, and the cultural heritage it has created will wither on the vine. We must not allow the destruction of creativity in our night time culture.

Everybody at fabric is devastated at the tragic deaths which have occurred. We are determined to do everything we possibly can to minimise harm in our club. We will continue to try to set the standards which others follow. And we will work with the regulatory authorities to achieve this. But unless we get permission to reopen our doors, the problems we have faced will just move elsewhere.

We are appealing to everyone who loves this city, everyone who loves this culture and everyone who is involved in this industry to support our fight and donate to our campaign today.

#savefabric #savenightlife

The campaign is now live at www.fabriclondon.com/save-culture

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