Scout 22 drops his epic Great Beasts EP

Matt to his friends aka Scout 22 has a musical history that could take you around the sun and back with delves into dubstep, House, techno and drum and bass. As no stranger to releasing music on high-profile labels, Matt took upon the new moniker of Scout 22 just months before the world shut down for the pandemic.

This did not stop him from honing his craft through time given he released a flurry of tracks across high-profile labels such as Program (Ram sub-label) Eatbrain, Dispatch and of course his own imprint, Shadownet. This brings us to this monster of an EP and how fitting as the tracks are absolute beasts to boot. we give you “Great Beasts”

1/ Scout 22- “Atomic”
Kicking off the show we go balls to the wall and dip our toe into the neurosphere with Atomic. Haunting bells and drums rush this one through our tech-influenced intro. Reminiscent of classic Raiden/Kemal before landing flat in its back with an atomic bomb vocal skit. and yet more drum builds to a deep dark scanty style neuro stepper.

A great beast in its own right and a fantastic open to a hefty EP.

2/ Scout 22- “Great Beasts”
We land now in the title track of the EP and one that has gone through not only multiple name changes but sounds too before we hit the halt and eject button where we are happy to unleash it to the world.

A deep and dark roller for this one taking a complete 180 while still giving that gripping and signified Scout 22 sound. An awesome rolling percussion set across eerie and haunting synths smothered with a glitched and heavily processed bassline gives this heads-down vibes for any dance floor.

3/ Scout 22- “Hold The Light”
Scout 22 shows some more of his awesome scope as a D&B producer taking yet another sound and style in the genre and making it his own.

This one leads more into the “Dutty of dutty rollers” category and does everything you expect from this genre and more. Classic sounds are used to cut through the darkness on this which is massively needed this one is for the dark room and strobe light-only crowd.

4/ Scout 22- “The Banished”
Leading the pack on this one, The Banished certainly stands head and shoulders out on this release with its originality and depth-seeking missile of a bassline. Crunch, crunch, crunch, and no that’s not cereal being slammed down your gullet at breakfast, It’s the kick from this monster crushing your eardrums.

5/ Scout 22- “The Heavy”
We close up the EP with a familiar sound. `The Heavy` gets its encore after making an exclusive appearance earlier this year on the Best of 2022 album and rightly so as Scout 22 closes out the year in style.

A crazy arrangement and a real bass face creator if there ever was one within a D&B track. A super eclectic sound leaning heavily into heavily distorted amens and a thundering collage of bass sounds. A behemoth that’s had some huge support in recent months from the big boys in drum and bass.

Available via beatport