Scuba provides a sublime journey of atmospheric techno for Fabric 90

Artist: Scuba
Title: Fabric 90
Label: Fabric
Release: 21st October 2016
Genre: Techno

Strap yourselves in and be well prepared for the journey ahead. Scuba’s Fabric 90 mix is a journey of joyous highs and emotional lows that perfectly describes the journey we have all been witnessing for the past few months with Fabric. The sale of this CD can give you the opportunity to support the #savefabric movement that is taking the world by storm at the moment whilst simultaneously giving you one of the best 75 minutes of your life…

Scuba’s adventurous mixing keeps the intensity levels at a maximum all throughout. His intelligent studio mix which, in his words will “be obvious to anyone listening to it that it wasn’t done on three decks and a mixer“, really showcases the London maestro’s skills as a jockey of records with a fine mix of over 40 tracks. The minimal sounds of Digitaline’s, ‘Astronauten’ get things underway, and, as the track title suggests, we are on our way into orbital space from the get go. Scuba has expertly blended modern classics with strange electronic sounds, some forgotten to the sea of underground house music. The spacial atmospherics layered through the use of these tracks is astounding.

The mix hypes up as in-comes more energised levels of minimal house to rumble the ground we walk. The levels of mixing are so great that the mix becomes one fabulous, indistinguishable piece of art. We are glided through musical wormholes with hypnotic patterns and strange, otherworldly vocals which pull our inquisitive minds in like a planet, grabbing objects in nearby orbit and introducing them to a new, strange world. The fuzzy distortion of Ben Klock’s, ‘Point Blank’ speeds things back up. We have just hit the nitrous button and are on our way to our never ending destination of musical satisfaction! Miss Fitz undeniable minimal anthem, ‘Hawaii via Miami’ makes an appearance, taking us into the tropical realm of electronic existence.

The pure funk of the percussion enlightens. The groove is swinging and the beats are thumping. Mashups contained within make quick work of enticing our need to dance, I couldn’t resist the call! Scuba’s technique is profound. Getting deeper into the mix, things start to take a twisted Techno turn. Marco Shuttle’s mega rework of Taylor Dupree’s, ‘Untitled 4’ aggressively bangs at the drum, turning the previously subtle minimal blend into fist-pumping, warehouse rave material. The sliding bass of Literon’s, ‘Freak Funktion’ rattles the ribcage with its deep low-end as it becomes the shuttle driver of this furious, frequency packed collection of records. We are 45 minutes in and the epicness refuses to cease!

Teesla’s roller ‘With Patsy’ continues the hard hitting, late night techno vibes before blasting off into a cool, oscillating mashup. The mix is filled with unique classics and never before heard material which is super refreshing on the ear drums. Things start to drift back towards Earth and slow down the air around us. We don’t see a hold up in the trippy, hypnotic melodies though. Stenny’s banger, ‘Consumer Tool’ keeps things ticking like a flawless clock. We finish with a beautiful, melancholic mixture of tracks that leaves us feeling thankful to Scuba and Fabric for the journey we have just experienced. Scuba’s line that Fabric is like “being in a spaceship flying through a sea of people” is captured to perfection. It leaves us with a feeling that this is not the end, there is much more to this journey than meets the eye.

It has been tough for all the passionate underground music lovers to watch the systematic dismantlement of our own scene the past few months. For most, the scene we hold so dearly is a lifeline and a maker of dreams. It is a scene that holds its arms wide open and welcomes every single person that draws near. It is a scene we cannot stand by and watch get swept away. You can become part of the movement and can proudly say “I played my part in saving the underground music scene”. You can do this by buying your copy of this marvellous CD, and all proceeds go to fighting Fabrics closure. When you needed the underground, it was there to save you. Now it’s your turn to save the underground!

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.