Continuing the legacy of a legendary series, Scuba will mix Fabric 90

Although the existence of fabric hangs in the balance, the Farringdon club’s legacy will always live on through its celebrated mix series. Not many have been running—let alone remained as relevant—as long as this one, and there can be few better to carry on the baton than Scuba: he was the last artist to play at the club on August 6th 2016.

“fabric has been a really important venue for me as a clubber and also as a DJ. The mix was put together over the course of a couple of weeks in my studio in London. At this point, I don’t think the method is really important to how a DJ mix is constructed: if it sounds good then that’s all that matters. There’s a variety of old stuff, recent releases and brand new music, and also a mix of established producers all the way through to people that no-one will have heard of because they’ve never released anything.” – Scuba.

Those debut-making artists—Isaac Reuben, Glaskin, Blursome and DXC—will feature on both a VA sampler on Hotflush (October 14th) as well a one-off vinyl 10” including a brand new Scuba track (November 18th), and they knit in perfectly here with music from across a wide spectrum. Taking a no-nonsense approach, this is a visceral and scuffed-up, rugged and to-the-point selection. What’s more, Rose’s ability here to select, sequence and stitch together a whopping 42 tracks over 75 minutes is remarkable.

Artists as diverse as Pearson Sound and Patrick Cowley, Donato Dozzy and Midland all get called upon, but nothing ever gets in the way of a dark, seductive atmosphere. It means that in amongst the bumping lo-fi techno and cavernous bass sounds, there is a palpable sense of being lost in the rave. Fog billows out, distant sirens go off and strobes flash. The pressure never releases. fabric 90, then, leaves you delightfully disorientated in the heart of Room 1, and you’ll never want to leave.

For more information on how you can help fabric, head here.


1.1 – Digitaline – Astronauten [Cadenza]
1.2 – Patrick Cowley – Uhura [Dark Entries]
2.1 – Dense & Pika – Crackling [Hotflush]
2.2 – DXC – Qua Đêm [Hotflush]
2.3 – Jason Cudmore – Crystal (Mike Servito’s 730 Reshape) [Honey Soundsystem]
3.1 – Nathan Melja – Make Rekkurds [Opal Tapes]
3.2 – G-Man – Fuchsia [Defrag]
3.3 – Exercise One & Donato Dozzy – People Of Paprika [Lan Music]
3.4 – Dense & Pika – Mooger Fooger [Dense & Pika]
4.1 – Regis & Antonym – Simple Radical Practice [Downwards]
4.2 – Blursome – Night [Hotflush]
5.1 – Ben Klock – Point Blank [Bpitch Control]
5.2 – Carl Craig – Demented Drums [Planet E]
6.1 – Miss Fitz – Menternal (Villalobos In the Pipe Mix) [Raum…Musik]
6.2 – Alleged Witches – One Skilled In The Black Arts [Unreleased]
7.0 – Isaac Reuben – sas1711 [Hotflush]
8.1 – Eric Cloutier – Palimpsest [Wolfskuil Ltd]
8.2 – DXC – Sâu sắc [Hotflush]
9.1 – Kamera – Consignia (Truncate Remix) [Phantasy]
9.2 – Pearson Sound – XLB [Pearson Sound]
10.1 – Donato Dozzy – Quadra Sette [The Bunker New York]
10.2 – Glaskin – Ultra Deep Field [Hotflush]
11.1 – Taylor Deupree – Untitled (Marco Shuttle) [Valence Records]
11.2 – Surgeon & James Ruskin – Sound Pressure Part 3 [Dynamic Tension]
12 – Isaac Reuben – Echo Pulse [Hotflush]
13.1 – Literon – Freak Frequency [Clone]
13.2 – Markus Suckut – Symbiosis [Figure]
14 – Tallmen785 – Gear Shift [Hotflush]
15.1 – Sciahri – Ambiguity [Opal Tapes]
15.2 – DXC – Rạng Đông [Hotflush]
16.1 – Tessela – With Patsy [Poly Kicks]
16.2 – Wrecking Project – S-SONICS [LA Club Resource]
16.3 – Gunnar Haslam – Overcomplete [Naïf]
17.1 – Scuba – Protean [Hotflush]
17.2 – Stenny – Consumer’s Tool [Ilian Tape]
18.1 – Jonas Friedlich – Praise Your Name [Molten Moods]
18.2 – Kloves – Eksibit [Shaping Music]
19.1 – kuf – Konflikt [Under Molnet]
19.2 – Les Gammas – Guauanco (Cinematic Orchestra) [Compost]
19.3 – Midland – Decompression Suite (!K7|Aus Music)
19.4 – Patrick Cowley – Uhura [Dark Entries]

V/A Fabric 90 Sampler
A1: Tallmen785 – Gear Shift
A2: Blursome – Night
B1: Isaac Reuben – Echo Pulse
B2: Glaskin – Ultra Deep Field