Sebastian Mullaert premieres Wa Wu We live set in Berlin

Wa Wu We, a live jam that takes the audience on a body and mind elevating sonic journey, has until now existed in production form and as a record label. For the December 1 performance at OHM Berlin, Mullaert will open the night with a four-hour set that explores both ambient and techno territories.

As Wa Wu We, Sebastian Mullaert deliberately sets no intentions or boundaries, allowing for the open musical expression of his ideas and emotions. The result ranges from deep, hypnotic techno, to ambient, to strangely sublime textures that do not lend themselves to easy definition.

“The line between Wa Wu We and Sebastian Mullaert isn’t totally clear. Both of them are aliases by me and of course flavoured and filtered through my preferences and experiences,” Mullaert says. “But I would say that Wa Wu We goes deeper and more meditative, more repetitive and hypnotic, and also at times challenges how we are used to mixing dance music today.”

The performance at OHM Berlin caps off another successful year for Patterns of Perception, which saw the collective book acts including Svreca, Volte-Face, Amandra and Cyspe. For the final Patterns of Perception of 2017, residents Hysteria, Kim Bergstrand and Steve Duncan join Mullaert at OHM Berlin to round out the lineup.

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Event details: Patterns of Perception presents Wa Wu We
When: Friday, December 1 from 11.59pm
Where: OHM Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin

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