Secret Cinema celebrates 25 years in dance music with a huge box set collection of his productions

For the past 25 years, Jeroen Verheij aka Secret Cinema has consistently been regarded as one of The Netherland’s, if not the world’s top techno producers and live acts. Verheij started producing as Meng Syndicate in 1990. His first release ‘Sonar System’ was an instant rave classic. A few years later ‘Meng’s Theme’ followed with ‘Timeless Altitude’ selling over 20.000 copies within six months becoming his second international smash hit.

In the mid 90s, Verheij came up with yet another identity: Grooveyard. It was under this guise that he released ‘Watch Me Now’ and ‘Mary Go Wild’ which went on to top Dutch and Belgian charts and won Jeroen an ‘Update’ Award for Best Dutch Producer and Best Dutch Single in 1997. 2000 saw the production of another massive Grooveyard hit in collaboration with Michel de Hey; ‘Compound’, which again sold ten thousands of copies and is still a popular track with many DJ’s. Under his Secret Cinema guise Jeroen really came to people’s attention with Cocoon Recordings picking up the incredible ‘Kurzweil’, another huge international hit. Successful tours in China, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia and Brazil are the result of a great live set and terrific DJ skills. The latter has Verheij headlining many of the biggest festivals.


Alongside the lengthy success of his solo Secret Cinema project, Verheij has focused his energy toward a project called GEM; a events, bookings and label venture. With GEM becoming established as a strong brand in the field of electronic music, developing talents such as Egbert, Peter Horrevorts and Roger Martinez, Verheij’s profile continues to rise. Together with the release of SILVER (A luxury box with his entire discography, a DVD documentary, all new remixes from the likes of Christian Smith, Heiko Laux and Joris Voorn to name a few) and a new weekly radio show, his 25th year in the industry promises to be another big one!

To give you an idea of what 25 years of making electronic music means, he’s also added two unique items in the SILVER box set that both mark an era in Secret Cinema’s career: A floppy disc and a ‘writable’ mp3 CD with live sets, which he’s made to look exactly like the old mp3 CD’s of yesteryear (including a smashed cover and hand-written title). The floppy disk contains the samples from Jeroen’s first ever release and world wide rave classic Meng Syndicate – Sonar System in 1991. Back then the samples from Secret Cinema’s tracks would be stored on 1.44MB floppy disks and had to be inserted to work on each separate track on his Amiga 500.

The first writable CD came on the market in 1988. The first CD writer under $1000 in 1995. By 2001 techno lovers would burn their collections of live and DJ sets on mp3 CD’s, mostly laying around in your car with broken covers.. That’s why he included the live sets coining the phrase, ‘Imitation’ (instead of the well-known Imation) and with a tiny Secret Cinema logo printed on it. They are also handwritten and manually smashed to look exactly like those old CD’s you had lying around…. Jeroen invites you to partake in the nostalgic trip through his long and illustrious career, enjoy!

Christian Smith & Wehbba // Enrico Sangiuliano // Heiko Laux // Joris Voorn // Nuno Dos Santos // Paul Ritch // Petar Dundov // Pig & Dan // ROD // DJ Sodeyama // SQL // The Advent & Industrialyzer

Full Contents
3 x Vinyl // 2 x DVD // 2 x CD // Floppy disk (!!) // USB // Biography // Photos // Postcards // Stickers