Select*Elect invite Decoded Magazine to discuss one of the years most hotly debated topics at ADE

Select*Elect was originally born as a bimonthly warehouse party in London during 2007. A collective of like minded people who came together through a shared love of music, and the combined purpose: to create unique experiences through putting on underground dance music events. Select*Elect parties have taken place in such innovative spaces as disused lofts, basements, and abandoned warehouses in and around the East London. Parties have ranged from 500 to over a 1000 people.

With a music policy centered around providing the perfect underground dance soundtrack for such innovative spaces, our open minded musical approach covers such genres as House, Jazz, Techno, Disco, and Soul. Select*Elect’s musical approach is based around pushing fresh talent, alongside respected and already established artists. An ethos that can be seen in both the previous guests whom have played at the party, and our choice of residents. The extension of this has been through developing great relationships, and a mutual respect with leading underground labels. This carefully curated musical balance continues to create the perfect experience at our parties. Dedication, hard work, good industry relations, attention to detail, and most of all ‘togetherness’ have helped us to stand out from the crowd in creating special moments driven by music & people.

Hi guys, thanks for finding the time amid the chaos of ADE planning to answer a few questions for us at Decoded Magazine. Firstly, for our readers, can you tell us a little bit about Select*Elect, its history, the parties you run  and your involvement at ADE throughout the years?

Select*Elect is a project that was born in London 6 years ago. We started running secret parties in abandoned warehouses, basements and disused spaces in the East of London. Running it bi-monthly, we could give to the party its exclusivity and uniqueness. We then did organize some parties abroad such as Vienna, Barcelona and Turin. Soon we will hit Lyon. We are now based in Berlin since the last three years where we have a residency at Griessmuehle as well as doing some off locations around the city. Our involvement to the ADE came about this year thanks to Jeroen Harmse from Music Motion. He helped us a lot to organize the event in general. Then it was about joining forces in terms of contacts and networks from our side.

You have invited Decoded Magazine and our Editor Damion Pell to moderate on Saturday. The panel revolves around the management, branding and marketing of International Electronic Music Events. Can you tell us a little about the other panelists?

Yes! We met Damion at the last ADE edition. He was busy filming and interviewing with the crew around the city. We had a beer and a long talk about the whole industry and we connected straight away. Damion is a very genuine person, very professional and down to earth. At the conference we will have the pleasure to host Dirk Schmidt from the underground club Bahn in Rotterdam as well as Kim Kuijpers, who is creative director and project leader at alter ego and in addition runs her own agency (Brandpunt), which develops and realizes concept for brands & events. Myself behind the events Select*Elect and the booking agency Inground Bookings. We then have Alex Salvador from the well established label & event organization Tomorrow is now kids!. And then the last addition Nadia from Kater Blau Berlin. Our involvement to the ADE came about this year thanks to Jeroen Harmse from Music Motion and Koen Dijkman, the drumer of the House and techno live band Daliyama. They helped us a lot to organize the event in general. We worked as a team.

Since your inception in 2007, how has the dance scene changed in your opinion? Do you think things have changed for the good or bad?

Things among the dance music scene always change. The industry is a dynamic movement that brings always something new to the people who works for that. I mean, when we started throwing parties in London, the scene was more genuine and somehow you could smell freedom. Throughout the years, the scene in London has radically changed due to a lot of factors: increasing of living cost, location had to shut down, noise restriction and permit licence. When we moved to Berlin 3 years ago and threw our first party, we did not feel that pressure at all. We yet not feeling it, Even though Berlin is undergoing some changes right now. But it would never be like in London. Here, changes will always be of a different impact on the scene, more soft. Generally speaking, as I said earlier on, the dance music industry is always in constant changes (positive and negative) and I find it exciting.

Select*Elect is a brand built on dedication, hard work and a positive attitude to building relationships. Is there enough goodwill in the music industry for more brands to develop this way?

Yes big time! There are people behind certain event brands that are working really hard to provide high standard of music, events, management and logistic. But those ones are gonna be seen only by people who understands the process and been part of the scene for long long time.

select elect 2

Select*Elect has been busy branching out across Europe. Can you tell us about your parties in Berlin and beyond?

The parties in berlin happen at, what we consider, the most underground club: Griessmuehle. Deep down to neukoln, near by the river, there is this massive warehouse space splitted in two floors with a wide outdoor space for open airs. We did try out both sometimes. That’s what we call our home. People who works there are very friendly, the management is very helpful.. the sound system is TOP. Zero complain about it! It’s just top, really! Besides our home, we do private locations as well to do something different from time to time. It’s of course difficult because there is always lootsof competition, but we are there to create some exclusive without following any sort of trends.

Abroad we did Razzmatazz in Barcelona, which we gonna repeat it next year. We doing today Terminal club in Lyon. We did grilleforelle in Vienna and on the pipe line there more. The atmosphere of the party abroad is funny. Because people don’t really know the party Select*Elect in Berlin. At least not yet!

You are renowned in Europe for having some amazing residents, and earlier this year we featured an article which outlined residents as the backbone of any event, but with so many nights that rely on headliners without building that core fan base, do you think a party can survive without residents in your opinion?

Residents are the core of the party. They are fundamental..I haven’t seen so far no parties survaiving without regular residents playing.. That’s where the intimacy of the party kicks in..

select elect 1

Ok, a little less serious and more for laughs. Can you tell us a funny story about you or someone you know, maybe your weirdest clubbing experience you have encountered?

A blow job on a club stairs.. super funny (thats someone I know!)hahahahaha

Lastly, post ADE, what’s happening in the world of Select*Elect that you can tell us about?

We are planning the event program abroad for 2016 at the moment as well as our local schedule in Berlin. Our team is constantly growing and becoming stronger and stronger. We had our ups and downs but I feel that helped us to grow stronger together and keep on improving our work as a team.Moreover, we have some residents coming up with some nice releases.. We just gonna keep on working hard because this is all about beside having bloody good fun when partying.