Sennheiser’s New Eco Turntables Are Easy on the Eyes, Ears, and Environment

Sennheiser is one of the most iconic names in the audio and electronic business – everyone from the Beatles to Beyonce have used their microphones, headphones, and speakers. In an attempt to connect their classic brand to the young and hip of today, the audio tycoons have teamed up with funky designer Matthew Lim to create an eco-friendly turntable set made of materials that are not only green, but also cost-effective.

The sleek and simple design includes recycled and easily biodegradable contents such as cork, bioplastic, fiberboard, and felt. The eye-catching pieces are also packaged in a clutter-free box made of recycled wood.


Modeled off the brand’s most iconic line, the Sennheiser HD classic from the 1980s, the eco box set includes a turntable and headphones, and introduces the beauty and simplicity of vinyl to a generation inundated by ipods and MP3s.

Though the design is young and fresh, Sennheiser has made sure not to skimp out on the product’s quality and durability. They are, after all, still a Sennheiser product. They may be trying something new, but the classic company remains a fixture as the best of the best in electronics.



Source Trendhunter

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