Seth Troxler Talks Xone

Via Detroit, Berlin, London and Ibiza, Seth Troxler has established himself as one of electronic music’s most iconic figures. From playing for the packed dance floors of fabric, Nortstern, De School or Output, to headline slots at Glastonbury, Lowlands, Roskilde or Tomorrowland, Troxler’s passion for pushing creative boundaries burns as brightly as ever. Voted number one DJ in the world by Resident Advisor’s “Top 100 DJs” poll in 2013, he runs three record labels, owns a successful restaurant and continues to develop cutting-edge projects where futuristic electronica meets contemporary art and technology.

Just as it is for Allen & Heath, attention to detail is a recurring theme in conversation with this talented polymath and when it comes to hardware, Seth Troxler knows what he wants and is clear about how he can achieve his goals. Sound quality is at the heart of everything for Troxler and that includes the Xone DJ range, specifically the iconic Xone:92 and the more recent, bar-raising Xone:96.

“Allen & Heath has always been about sound quality and affordability. There’s nothing else that offers that parametric 4-band EQ – something very functional for DJs – and which allows me to be more precise with my mixes. Then there’s its dependability. So many things on the market make big claims but don’t work in real world situations. These are strong products that can withstand anything you throw at them.”

Seth Troxler is quick to elaborate on what he sees as the essential qualities that set Xone mixers apart from and above their competitors:

“As I said earlier it’s about sound quality. I’m really into frequencies and there isn’t anything else out there that has the frequency range to give my music the depth, warmth and resonance that I prefer. I think that what it really comes down to is how you interpret frequency and sound and Allen & Heath, to me, has always been the company that has done that to my liking.”

The true art DJ’ing, as far as Troxler is concerned, is the commitment to musicality demonstrated by its top exponents. He maintains that it is a real love of music in all its forms that encourages a deeper understanding and a willingness to take risks and explore, in order to present the perfect music for the times. Precision goes hand in glove with this principle and he is keen to further emphasise the role played by the Xone:96’s refined 4-band EQ in achieving his aims:

“The :96’s 4-band EQ, in particular, allows me to be more precise. In my style of mixing I’m up there mixing a track from maybe two to five minutes and when you’re holding two songs together for that length of time you need more control over the frequencies that you bring in at different times – that mid, mid-bass, bass – that’s where a lot of that frequency lands and I find that with a 3-band EQ it’s just too drastic cutting certain sounds. The 96’s 4-band EQ allows me to accentuate what I want and provides a lot more creative opportunity and control.”

This summer sees Seth Troxler pursue another crammed touring schedule, during which he will appear at a host of the world’s leading electronic music festivals. He remains at the top of his game, approaching every project with intense creative energy and with an ear for detail that the Xone series plays a key part in bringing to life.

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