Sezer Uysal – Le Grand Labyrinthe

Artist : Sezer Uysal
Title : Le Grand Labyrinthe
Remixers : Mow and Kassey Voorn
Label : Manual
Cat No : MAN140
Release : 25/08/2014
Genre : Progressive/Techno

Le Grand Labyrinthe is the first single from Sezer Uysal’s upcoming album ‘1 Body 2 Souls’ which shall be released on Manual Music this coming October. The album will see Sezer take things away from his trademark deep house sound, towards a warmer, more progressive sound. Something we are very much looking forward to here at Decoded Magazine.

First up on the release we have the original mix of ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ which is a slow chugging progressive track filled with some great percussion and lovely melodic keys. The track builds nicely into the break and even has a very nice key shift midway through. One that I think would sound better pitched up but a track I really enjoyed.

The second track on the release is the Mow remix of the original. He picks the pace up slightly from the original and is a track filled with emotion and uplifting melodies. This really is an incredible piece of electronic music. The layered melodies work beautifully and the FX fit perfectly with Mow’s rework. If you like you James Holden and Border Community releases I can see you liking this too. Go check it out.

Finally we have a remix by none other than Kassey Voorn which is his first release on the label since 2012 and is a man that does not need any introduction. Kassey’s version of ‘Ego Anxiety’ is a million miles away from the other two tracks. He takes this straight to the dance floor and fills the track with intricate percussion and big fat basslines. If you like your progressive music dark and moody and full of energy, look no further than this bomb.

Great release package here and something for all occasions. Kassey will more than likely steal the show for most listeners with his remix of ‘Ego Anxiety’ but my personal favourite is the Mow remix of ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ which is a beautifully crafted piece of music. Go check it out.

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