Shaun Moses – Lustful Desires EP Review

With Techno hitting all the high notes in a year gone by full of vicious ups and downs it’s really time to separate the diamonds in the rough and shine the spotlight on specialists of this style who are really creating waves with their gift of the genre. The ones creating nostalgia of classical Techno strains collide with a feeling of we are hearing something terribly new here. All of the same features are there: mix-filling white noise, swirling acidic lead lines and unpolished abrasion that threatens to tear your scalp off, or would do, that is, if it weren’t so lazy somewhere within the gallops. The thing is, all of the many elements feel like token gestures—and perhaps therein lies the most important difference. Guess what I am trying to say is that it’s greatly fresh.

Meet the subliminal sounds of Shaun Moses based out of Goa, India. He’s growing in leaps and bounds with his intelligent demonstration of sound ethics that don’t just rely on Techno’s noisy and preferred arrangements but bends the mind with quirky unheard of quixotic tunage at each and every outing he has curated over the last couple of years. Case in point Lustful Desires released on Amsterdam label Gem Records has two righteous tracks, the title tune is a standing testament of thudding acid grooves cutting in and out metallic meanderings, hypnotic at best. RSRRCT Remix makes quick work of his interpretation making it an in the face almost going to push the trigger on a ticking bomb button.

By the end of the track with a real reeling breakdown, the melodies if there are any have melted and the sounds decomposed into something less haphazard but far stranger—a sort of electromagnetic whale song, if you will.
In all this one finds the might of DJ Lion lending his signature feel to the track’s second remix, there’s a sense that things could fall apart at any moment throughout its length. And that’s exactly the appeal. Wondering whether or not you’re going to get to the end of those eight bars—and what will happen after that—is what makes techno of this variety so vital, and where I stop being technical, cause it’s about a real Lion rework, that you just gotta feel on the floor.

B side offers up the second original titled – Dreams Of Reality is based on just a few components, but it’s slamming, insistent rhythms, droning, repetitive bleeps and lurching bass require no additional enhancement, its crazily roughly-hewn, its grainy, distorted bass and breeze block beats hitting the listener in the gut.

This EP should see its way into many DJs bags for the rest of the year.

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Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.