Shibboleth : Art, tattoos and dance music in the heart of Islington.

Date: Friday Sep 4th
Where: Ladybird Bar & The BSMT 70 Upper Street, N1
Time: 8pm-4am

Angel and Islington has always been playground for the clubber-lit generation. Here you could turn your pink shirt collar up, say “Oi Oi!” without joking, and walk home in flip-flops with your chewing-gum damaged high heels stuffed in your Gucci handbag. But no more!

A few weeks ago we saw the opening and re-launch of a new venue; a venue that now is home to some of Angel’s newest house, deep house and tech house parties – The BSMT. That’s right, you got tech house events on the listings right in the heart of Islington.

One of these ground breaking promotions that has been given the go-ahead is one year old, Shibboleth. Previously promoted as Cop Saloon, due to its launch party in an abandoned Police Station in the far, far, far south, and a follow up at a basketball court in Hackney, they have now emerged to the by-tube-reachable venue in Angel.

Shibboleth is collaboration between artists, musicians, DJs, designers and tattoo artists, and gives them the possibility to showcase their products and talent at Shibboleths events. The line up is mostly filled with up-and-coming London based acts, but also well established DJs that have been seen filling up dance floors both here and internationally. That’s what makes Shibboleth special, they provide a platform for talent to grow, develop and entertain. “It’s about combining the pleasures in life: art, music, friends and dancing.” says organizer Alessandro Pitzalis.


So Shibboleth is pretty much a one man band, how come you wanted to host a party?

Shibboleth is actually not a one man band, I’m the official organizer but the team is made by a group of many people with different relevant skills. all giving an important contribution to it. When I grew up I always wanted to be surrounded by organizers, dj’s and artists. I wanted to be part of a group filled of those kind of people, and being involved in Shibboleth, the group became friends, so it given me a opportunity to work and have fun at the same time. Our party was born to give the opportunity of show off the skills of everyone in a unique meeting point.

The promoter game is getting a bit old, everything has been done, don’t you think, what is needed now to pull a crowd?

For us to pull a crowd I guess the main thing is personally transmit the ethos of Shibboleth to new people. Show what’s our concept proving, and what’s the enthusiasm and effort that everyone put on it each event. Creativity is our strength mixing quality art and music.

What’s your vision with Shibboleth, what is it that you like to create?

Shibboleth goal is to create a strong big family of party friends who got in common love for Art and Music, and creating an ambient where the people that have relevant skills is welcome to show off what is able to do getting visibility around.

You been working with both artist, designers and tattoo artists at your previous events, how have they contributed to the parties?

Their contribution has been and will be everything for Shibboleth. One person can’t do everything by himself. A creative group can not be led, I can guid, but I need to be always surrounded by group of relevant people with important skills to grow up together.They grow my vison.

Tell us a bit about the artists you have presented?

Shibboleth has born first with a style invented by my workmate, Alessandro Macciocco, with his original drawings becoming must for all our events. Blessed Tattoo and Piercing group based in Camden Road with a new shop is giving their support bringing an amazing touch of Tattoo Art all of our events. Federico Amaterasu, Yasmin Iacobucci and Benny Pagnoni are the talented emerging artists of it.

Many other different artists took part of our previous events, and new ones are always welcome. To give an example I would like to mention: Joan Taltavull able to do unique live drawing leaving everyone speechless becoming famous with his exhibitions in London and in other cities. Irene Herrero and David Nemcsik with their photography art and Valeria Boi with her vintage dresses collection. Our favourite photographer and artist Larry J, he always gives an important contribute to catch the best moments of our events in his unique photos.

What about music, what can you expect at a Shibboleth event?

From Shibboleth music I expect to see different elite of people dancing the same kind of music. Impossible many people say, but we’re doing our best to do it, let’s see.

Shibboleth 2

Who are your residents?

Our resident DJs in London at the moment are:

Roby M.
Mattia Orfei
Octav Popa
Alex Prax
Alex Moreno Calderon
Toto V.

With the support of:

Mark Saniol and Mirko Lampis (Finally London)
La Gosse (Time London)
Alvaro Ponce (Side Efex)
SHDWL (Dazed and Confuzed)
Edvardas Rut

And many more collaborated in the past with us.

The first party, 1 year back, was on the borderline illegal, can you tell us about how you find your venues, and have you ever any problems with the authorities?

London is full of underground unique and weird venues. To find the bests where they are allowed to hold a party you must have the right connections, and also spend a lot of time searching. Go to see them personally and try to find the ones that are not promoted on the web.

I would like to mention that our parties are all licensed and always will be for this reason we have never had any problems with authorities. Being on the borderline illegal doesn’t mean being illegal, I think our venues was just so different people thought that they have to be illegal..It one of the fun things with shibboleth, to surprise people showing them places where organize an event was thought to be impossible but at the end it is important to respect all the laws.

Next party is going to be at, dare we say, a “commercial” club in North London, how come you gone from abandoned police stations to a commercial bar?

Shibboleth wants to bring his crowd wherever the conditions are right for one of our events. Commercial or underground venue make a big difference for many but for the reason of create a group of art and music lovers of different elite we are daring to move in a commercial bar to see what’s is going to be. Today could be a commercial bar tomorrow a warehouse or whatever…. As long as the group is growing, we have more followers and everyone enjoy their night, it is up to us to make our own ambient bringing it wherever we are. In Budapest for example will do our first party first on a boat and then the after in a old cinema.

What’s the benefits of working with a licences venue?

Have half of the work for the organization done without have any concern about get the all the licenses that you need to run a bar, to play music, to sell tickets and many more involved in organize a party.

So you mentioned you have a big boat party coming up in Budapest, why there?

We choose Budapest as second city for three main reasons:

First because we are sure Budapest is a city with plenty talented artists and DJs who are just waiting to get more opportunities to let their skills be shown off. Secondly, because Budapest is a European capital growing up a lot talking about underground mind with many venues available for our party concept.

And thirdly because my workmate Alessandro Macciocco moved there to live last year, and we decided to keep a strong connection to run the same concept in a new city giving birth to “Shibboleth Budapest”. Letting artists and crew from London go there, and in the future, Budapest artists come over here to support each other our events.

What’s next?

I can just say that many ideas and plans are coming up but I would like to keep them secret and come out with news step by step while we are still working hard. Just follow our page on Facebook to keep yourself updated about us!

For guest list, tickets or more information contact: Here
Find more information and full event line up:

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