Shiny Objects releases ‘Intermittent Dreams’

Christopher Smith a.k.a. Shiny Objects will release ‘Intermittent Dreams’ on September 6th on Om Records. The album will be the first of a two-part project showcasing the highly respected producer’s versatile, deep house sound. This ambitious project will land as a pre-curser to the 25th anniversary of Om Records, the label founded by Christopher Smith in San Francisco in 1995.

Christopher Smith remains a key figure in San Francisco’s underground electronic music scene. He has released over 100 tracks and remixes as Shiny Objects, and as a DJ, brought his deep, techy grooves and a touch of psychedelia as far afield as Ibiza, Tokyo and Brazil. He was also a founding member of the Burning Man camp, Disco Knights and the playa’s influence weaves its way through his music. He is also a founding partner of San Francisco’s globally respected nightclubs, Monarch and The Great Northern and continues on his mission to bring the best purveyors of underground, electronic music to the US west coast.

‘Intermittent Dreams’ is a sublime collection of deep, melodic tunes which come together like the soundtrack of a futuristic dreamscape, where a hazy sun arches down towards the desert horizon and beckons to night-time adventures. The excursion continues with ‘Intermittent Soul’, the second part of this musical odyssey due for release on October 4th.

‘Intermittent Dreams’ is comprised of 7 tracks and begins with ‘Momentary Light’ a spaced-out soundscape that comes alive with funked-up beats. ‘When A Black Heart Turns Gold’ drifts down through the dimensions with warm pads and beautiful vibes, before ‘5AM With You’, a track which has already seen support from Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music, takes us into darker territory with its driving bassline, punchy stabs and layered production. ‘Event Horizon’ delivers a more ambient touch, transitioning into a Pink Floyd-esque guitar lead, while ‘Navid’s Dance’ picks up the tempo in a fusion of world beats and psychedelia.

The expansive ‘Sound Of Gold’ builds around a looping riff and provides the album’s only full vocal; a husky, hypnotic performance. To close, the deep and sonorous, arpeggiated synth of ‘Our Galactic Friends’ lifts us into the cosmos where distorted vocal samples talk of extra-terrestrial vibrations and deliver a connection to something more; a perfect segue into the second chapter of Shiny Object’s stunning collection of new electronic music.

‘Intermittent Dreams’ is the work of an artist exploring and expressing the range of his creative powers. At times both introspective and expansive, these productions fire the imagination, whether on a dancefloor or swaying to the beats under the stars.

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