Shlomi Aber another powerful slice of melodic techno on his Be As One imprint

Artist: Shlomi Aber
Title: Paradox EP
Label: Be As One
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Shlomi Aber is a real shining star of the of the underground scene and his brand of energised Techno is brought to us in the form of the ‘Paradox EP’. With a remix from Markus Suckut, this EP coming to Shlomi’s own, Be As One imprint, has the legs to take the scene by storm!

The boom of the kick warms up the waves with a chopped up, mangled, vocal line to introduce us to ‘Paradox’. The warm, analogue hats ride into a stabby bleep, to turn this record into a rapid, hypersonic Techno slammer. Markus Suckut’s remix is incredible. The reversed synths with a modulated filter and a brisk beat seamlessly gift us with a tense, dynamically charged four on the floor hit.

‘Monday Paranoia’ feels slower. The pulsing plucks feel strange and mesmerising and we can certainly feel where the track got it’s title from. Shlomi uses various expert techniques throughout to keep us hooked and makes fantastic use of the warm and natural sounding ambience. After listening through, we can say with certainty, this EP has gotten us fully pumped for the weekend!

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.