Simion has the right groove for us.

Artist : Simion
Title : The Groove
Label : Hedonism Music
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

Simion returns to Hedonism with more techy goodness in the form of the mysteriously titled – The Groove! His debut, entitled ‘Why Don’t You Say’ was terrific, so I had high hopes for this release also. And it seems I’m not alone, Solomon has included it in his recent Boiler Room set. Remaining ever most in the shadows, not much is known about this producer other than the important fact he makes some brilliant house music. Remixes come in the form of the hypnotic Kevin Knapp and Berlin native Florian Kruse.

Following on from his success with ’The Warning’ and his releases on Suara this year, The Groove is a bouncy, fun vibe with a vocal line that just buries its self into your head from the off. There’s some nice touches throughout with sirens, drum fills and nuances and as a mid set track you could do worse. Its a functional, rather than an awe inspiring piece if I’m honest, not that thats a bad thing, but he’s made better tracks.

Vocalist/DJ Kevin Knapp takes the vibe into a darker harder direction with a similar bass line and lead line, dark toms and cut up vocals. This is 4am music when the floor is full of proper house heads. Stripped back and serious. Florian Kruse on the other hand ups the funk somewhat and focuses on the originals essence. As one half of production duo Kruse & Nuernberg Florian has a wealth of experience playing in the best venues around the world, learning what works and what sounds best. Coaxing every bit of groove from the parts, Florian has created for me, the best version. Deeper than the original, but no less interesting, the reese bass absolutely floors me, so classy!