Simon Garcia rides the crest of a wave with this stimulating slice of electronica on Poker Flat

Artist : Simon Garcia
Title : Ataraxia EP
Label : Poker Flat
Release : 18th September 2015
Genre : Electronica / Deep House

Signed to luminary labels such as Freerange, Supplement Facts and Pets, and with remixes for Henry Saiz, DJ Yellow and Matthias Vogt among others, this slice of warm melodica on Poker Flat continues Simon Garcia’s upward trajectory. Ataraxia means ‘a state of serene calmness’ – a highly appropriate title for two tracks that epitomise this artists singular vision of the hypnotic potential of house. On the back of his residency at Madrid’s MOTEL club, a busy international tour schedule, and high praise from peers, most notably Laurent Garnier, Garcia is very much on the crest of a wave.

Whats immediately evident from the pounding kick and skippy hats of title track is the level of skill needed to carry off this delightful hypnotic deep houser. Drones, pulses and parallel synth lines all melt into each other finding enough space in the frequency spectrum to allow the drums, bass and top end to sit comfortably, never fighting for attention. Layer upon layer of detail adds with it more and more interest, and the total disregard for big builds and obvious payoffs makes me smile. I’m keeping this one under my hat, I suggest you do the same, its a sure fire secret weapon!

‘A Hot Drink In the Desert’ with its tropical feel, neat percussion and quirky xylophone lead make for an interesting ‘B’ Side. High strings, ominous piano stabs and undulating bass tones soon take the tune into haunting, almost dystopian soundtrack territory. More restrained than the ‘A’ side, this is groover of a track, and likely something DJs like Lee Burridge and Danny Howells have been all over for months already.

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