Simon Goff announces his album ‘Vale’ and reveals single, ‘Wooden Islands’

Berlin-based Yorkshire violinist Simon Goff has worked with all the big names in the post-classical music scene, including Jóhann Jóhannsson, Hildur Guðnadóttir and Dustin O’Halloran. Alongside Guðnadóttir specifically, he crafted the eerie soundtracks for the film ‘Joker’ and the HBO series ‘Chernobyl, the latter awarded him a Grammy in 2019. In April, Simon will be releasing his debut album of solo material, Vale. The album is filled with personal recollections transformed into vivid sonic expressions, especially, Simon says, with what concerns his relationship to his home country post-Brexit. Vale is in fact named after the Vale of York and tributes the bucolic sceneries Simon spent his childhood in. With a mix of analogue purity and processed, looped and layered treatments, Simon created an album that’s as rich and deep and wide as the landscape that lies in its heart.

Today, we premiere Vale’s second single, ‘Wooden Islands’. The track and accompanying video give us a glimpse of just how intense and unique Simon’s relationship with the violin is. ‘Wooden Islands” urgent momentum carries in it Goff’s turbulent relationship to the instrument, one which at times was marred by instances of stage fright.

“I feel like the violin is a wooden island, one that ties us, string players, together but isolates us massively”

‘Wooden Islands’ is yet another brilliant example of how Simon combines his classical background with bold electronic experimentations to create an atmosphere that’s emotionally gripping from beginning to end. We look forward to Vale’s release this April.

You can buy the single and pre-order the album here.

Black and white press shot by Nic Kane.

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