Review : Sin Sin has all the facts on the impressive Comade Music.

Artist: Sin Sin
Title: Data Facts EP
Label: Comade
Cat no: CMD045
Release date: Out Now
Genre: Techno

With a steady and healthy back catalogue of releases over the last couple of years, Italian label Comade music is making all the right moves in the techno world. In doing so delivering a fine balance of quality releases from prominent and up and coming artists.

Sin Sin drops 3 fresh cuts on the ever impressive label run by D-Deck, Alex Costa and Alex Mine. The EP titled ‘Data Facts’ comprises of 3 main room techno tracks. The first track and EP name is ‘Data Facts’ has a no frills intro with evolving pads and sequenced stab moves the track along nicely with a acid like synth riff which is modulated throughout to keep the ear interested and accompanied with it is a driving low-end. All elements have a dark an futuristic feel to me and would go down a treat working on a dance floor.

Next up is rather interestingly named ‘Trip to Baikonur’. This is my favourite track on the EP with some really interesting elements. Maintaining the vibe of its predecessor offering nice chunky low end, the introduction of an arpeggiated bell like sequence works a treat offering spooky zany flavour to the overall track. A nice warmup record to get dance floor grooving and as in it’s name it certainly provides a trip and must say really enjoy that catchy bell like sequence.

Finally takes us to the last track and heaviest on the EP called ‘Organic Matter’. It really takes it up a notch providing searing lead throughout which filters in and out between that hats and ride nicely seemingly to always be building nicely to a crescendo, that once goes off is a very intense and in your face beat to provide some peak time carnage.