Slideways continues to impress with Argentinian duo Some Little Things

Artist : Some Little Things
Title : Everything Has A Solution/ Puro
Label : Slideways
Release : Out Now
Genre : Progressive House

Tim Penner’s excellent prog label Slideways is one of those unassuming imprints which value quality over quantity. Knowing Tim personally, his quest for excellence is something that sets him apart from the pack, and in todays high pressure world of music retail, its something to be proud of, and shouted from the rooftops. Because I know that the label takes such pains to make sure its output is top notch, its a label I can trust, and therefore they can take a few chances with some less well known artists.

Some Little Things are two Argentinian producers from Cordoba. Already signed to Hope Recordings and Dopamine Music, they make the kind of progressive house, only Argentinian producers seem to make. Its a beautiful mix of melody, emotion and clever drum work you just don’t find anywhere else, and this delightful 2 tracker is no exception.

Title track Everything has a Solution draws on a hypnotic groove and floaty pads to entrance the listener. As with many productions of this kind, the kick and bass play second fiddle to the amazing atmospherics created by the interplay of the synth parts; its a great track if you don’t really need a drum beat at all, in my opinion, and this is a soundtrack of joy.

Puro on the B side is a totally different beast. Here kick and bass take the lead and the melodic elements fit around the gargantuan groove tastefully adding interest and movement. As you know, Im a sucker for a reese bass, and the gritty sounds of the breakdown made my smile ear to ear. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine dancing under the stars at Warung Beach!

I’ll be playing this EP for a while. If you haven’t already, check out Slideways, its a treasure trove of secret weapons!