Slow Hearts release their ‘Melanda’ EP on All Day I Dream

Slow Hearts continue their budding relationship with Lee Burridge with their debut on All Day I Dream, ‘Melanda’. The EP taps Tim Green for a remix and comes after the outfit’s 2019 EP on the Hoj and Burridge-led Tale + Tone.

Melanda paints an ethereal sonic picture, using motifs of tribal percussion, steely synth melodies, and orchestrated pads as its brushes. While ‘Eyepads’ and ‘Sands Of Time’ error toward a sunny, almost nostalgic direction in their arrangement, Melanda’s aptly titled closing track, ‘Planaria’ explores the cosmos with touches of acid, grittier basslines, and distinctive analog synth tones woven into a mysterious melodic progression.

Capping off Melanda is Tim Green’s take on ‘Eyepads’. Tim maintains the atmosphere of the original, but ups the emotional impact with emphasized strings and additional harmonies beneath.

Slow Hearts’ saga began a decade ago when two neighbours joined as one. The duo has released on various esteemed imprints, spanning from Natura Viva and Magician On Duty to Steyoyoke.

All Day I Dream remains a hub for the finest in deep, melodic varieties of electronic music. In the past year, the label has housed stalwarts like Sébastien Léger, Roy Rosenfeld, and Tim Green while championing forward-thinking new acts like Double Touch, Bantwanas, and Amonita. Label boss Lee Burridge, along with longtime production partner Lost Desert, also released their first album Melt to the world in 2019 to great acclaim. Expect 2020 to be another year of ethereal releases carefully crafted by Lee’s trusted friends and labelmates.

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