Smash TV break the monotony with a stunning EP on LA imprint Culprit

Artist: Smash TV
Title: Break The Monotony EP
Label: Culprit
Release: Out Now!
Genre: House

Smash TV, the German duo that needs no introduction, return to Culprit for their second release with the LA based label. With the title track, they bring us a busy but not overly complicated piece of House music. A lush pulsing synth underlines things with some pristine percussion bouncing on top. Great vibe on this one and the procession on the vocal sounds great too.

Chicago’s Kate Simko is called up to provide her classically trained talents on her remix of ‘Break The Monotony’ and make her first appearance on Culprit. The groove and mood carries on here but she has put together a fantastic hooky line for this remix. This one will cut its way through any dancefloor. A really strong remix right here.

The next track in, ‘Live for the Weekend’ features a great vocal from Craig Walker. The vocal sits proudly on top of a warm and bubbling bassline and some lush Detroit style pads. There is a second synth that comes into play in the middle of the track that we would love to have seen featured more, a fantastic sound. You should expect to hear this one popping up in mixes and dancefloors throughout this autumn.

To wrap things up, ‘Walk with Me’ is a solid groove. A great energy feeds into this from the main, hooky as you like, synth. As it plinks away, a big synth rolls into position and sets things up for the rest of the track. There is definitely something magnetic about this one, it will do nothing but draw people onto the dancefloor. When it strips back to the vocal, it gets very interesting in the second half. More of this please, Smash TV!

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