Soho’s David Bowie inspired recording studio launches accessible new membership

The Thin White Duke membership includes unlimited access to its studio suites and the services of Abbey Road trained engineer Max Walker at prices from £160 per month.

Whether you’re a fledgling musician, bedroom producer or well established band, label or artist, producing and recording music in a fully kitted out studio has never been more accessible or inclusive than at Soho’s David Bowie-inspired The Thin White Duke. Launched in 2022 by production designer Sasha Stamp and musician Giovanni Almonte, its high-end studios and adjoining cocktail bar have quickly become the coolest place to record music, collaborate and kick back in the area.

Prospective members can now enjoy a free trial recording session. Head to to enquire.

With first of their kind monthly and yearly memberships, which include Abbey Road trained engineer Max Walker, it has never been easier to record a beautifully engineered album in a stunningly designed space. Studio memberships come at a range of price points, from full-year deals at £2600 which include unlimited studio time to monthly subscriptions at £160 which include four hours of studio time per week and other perks such as cocktails for £8 and 10% off food & drink.

“With tech making music so easy to produce at home, we’re losing the culture that used to be provided by the studio environment. Our pricing and accessibility is bringing producers back out of their home studios while also opening the doors to musicians who prefer to focus on creativity not software.” Giovanni Almonte

The basement studios all have their own unique and immersive themes which will no doubt lend a certain character to the music made inside: There is a ‘Kyoto Room’ styled like a 19th century Chinoiserie parlour and the ‘Seminary’ with its low-lit and churchy atmosphere, which is adorned with a stained-glass mural of David Bowie surrounded by doting saints.

“The Thin White Duke is a place that is fundamentally changing the relationship between artists and their workspace – while technology has democratised music making, it has also isolated artists and removed the social interaction and magical possibilities that arise when working with others in a studio environment. The Thin White Duke is specially designed to bring people together and unlock creativity.” Sasha Stamp

Each room is kitted out with top end gear to satisfy even the most discerning musicians. Drummers will be blown away by a custom Yamaha Maple kit, while if keys are your thing get ready to play on a Nord Grand Digital piano or a Moog Subsequent 37 synthesiser with SSL controllers and all the microphones and amplifiers you could need.

Tweak sound until your heart is content with production and mixing programs on new Mac Studio desktops loaded up with Logic, Protools and Reason. An on-site sound engineer is always on hand to help you get the sound you need so recording your latest project has never been easier or more affordable.

And what an engineer. Max Walker is renowned throughout the industry and is able to work within an infinite number of genres to really bring the sound to life. He helps artists to realise their musical visions not only through his technical skills but also a personality that brings joy to your sessions. Access to someone of this standing is incredibly rare, creating a truly memorable experience from The Thin White Duke.

When it’s time to take a break, The Thin White Duke offers irresistible cocktails created by renowned mixologist and former Gilbert Scott head barman Dav Eames. Eames is truly elite in his field and considered one of the best mixologists in London, evidenced by his all new and innovative menu; a deliciously inspired list. Based on Bowie’s 1976 and ’78 tours as The Thin White Duke, the 10 cocktails are each based on a city he played, taking inspiration from the local culture and transporting you there in an instant. Highlights include The Inglewood with popcorn infused Four Roses bourbon, Kola Nut syrup and bitters, The Paris with Frapin 1270 cognac, Devil’s Botany absinthe, lavender, Gosset champagne and lemon, and The London, with Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Sacred dry vermouth, Ostara dry vermouth, Yellow Chartreuse and tonic.

The Thin White Duke and its community of innovators make music production and recording more accessible, hassle-free and inclusive than ever before. Sign up now for your free trial or head to the bar for the best cocktail you’ve ever had in one of Soho’s most cultured new spots.

The Thin White Duke
22b Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LD, London

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