Soma Records have their own limited edition dry gin to celebrate their 25th anniversary

As Soma Records continue to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the Techno label is proud to announce the limited release of Soma ‘Gin & Techno.’ A high-quality London Dry Gin at 46% abv, oozing with Juniper and other botanicals such as soft coriander, orange peel and wild thyme. Reasonably priced at £32.00 per bottle you can grab a bottle from here now!

Following on from our successful limited edition “ Rum & Techno” at the end of 2015 , Soma has produced summer release of Soma Gin & Techno” (G&T!); a limited batch of specially selected London Dry Gin, with a refreshing light flavour. Curated by Glenn Gibbons (MD of Soma Records), who has been exploring the world of Gin, Rum and other spirits for a number of years, Glenn intends to bring more speciality limited batch releases of specialist drinks in 2016-2017 to continue to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary.

Working together with The Good Spirits Company in Glasgow, Soma hopes that their fans will appreciate the diversity of this project and the quality of the products which we are releasing. Look out for the “ Slam Dram”, coming in late 2016, a single Malt Whisky for the discerning whisky drinker.

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