Sónar Barcelona celebrating 25 years, full line-up and last minute tickets

Sónar’s line-up for its Barcelona knees-up is complete and the festival’s massive 25 year celebrations appear to be occurring all over the known Universe. As part of its promotion, the festival’s organisers have sought to reach out to extraterrestrial hedonists, with even more special intergalactic mix tapes from some of Sónar’s regular performers. Earth-dwellers can catch up with the latest releases and cosmic transmissions at sonarcalling.com.

Apart from the Barcelona flagship event, which is set to feature more than 140 performances across the 9 stages at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night and includes the key conference programme and exhibition for music, media and tech-related professionals. Sónar is a world-renowned platform for discussing forthcoming trends and experiences from cutting edge technology, innovation and the latest generation of club music.

As a platform for highest performance standards, Sónar once again aims to showcase the most interesting artists from the Spanish scene as well as the roster of international acts. Among them, producer Alizzz who will play a DJ set before Diplo, Pina + Gnomalab, Olde Gods, Blastto, Angel Molina, Ivana Ray Singh (Magia Roja) & DJ2D2

The DESPACIO club experience returns to Sónar by Day with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) alongside David and Stephen Dewaele (2manydjs). Together they will deliver vinyl only sets over a specialy designed high fidelity sound system, where music, the audience and the sound will take precedence over superstar DJ egos.

Sónar kicked off their 25th anniversary celebrations late last year, firstly in Buenos Aires and Bogotá. This year saw the international tour open with the sixth edition of Sónar Reykjavik that took place on March 16-17th with headliners Underworld amongst a whole host of local and emerging artists. The second edition of Sónar Hong Kong took place simultaneously on March 17th with Black Madonna, among the acts who played there.

The tour continued to Sónar Istanbul on April 6-7th with Black Coffee, Pan-Pot, Fatboy Slim & Bookashade. Next up, the grand finale in Barcelona in June. Blimey, Sónar is getting bigger and bigger and never fails to fascinate. As far as urban festivals go, and as any other festival goes for that matter, this is one that should always be on any avid trans-global party animal bucket list.

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Since moving to Barcelona 13 years ago, Mark J established himself as a DJ, a producer, a radio presenter and a freelance writer. He is nightlife editor of Barcelona Connect Magazine and has written for various online and print publications. Mark has interviewed legendary artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire & Funk D’Void as well as emerging artists like Carlo Lio, Mark Reeve or Coyu. You can catch him DJing in Barcelona clubs the Macarena and Becool.