Sónar broke records again with 126,000 revelers, but moves to July in 2019

Sónar smashed its attendance record again in 2018, brilliantly orchestrated by planning a better Thursday night event this year. To coincide with its silver jubilee event, the Thursday edition of Sónar by Day was closed by French superstar spinner, Laurent Garnier, who played a special Sónar 25th birthday performance of all of his own tracks, his remixes and remixes of his tracks – Laurent Plays Garnier.

It was a breathtaking performance and a glorious journey packed with re-mastered and reworked material blended into an outstanding set including tracks like Crispy Bacon, The Man with the Red Face and Flashback. The wall of sound rolled out across the Sónar Village paddock and totally rocked the crowds, as it appeared the whole of the city had come to pay respect. The clip below doesn’t really do it justice at all, but rest assured, the festival organisers picked the right man for the job!

It looks like there was an 18-20% rise in professional attendance at Sónar+D this year also, which is where real value could be found for industry insiders to network with Startups, music technology companies and the media. This too, for the second year running, began on the Wednesday and really does allow for professionals to get more of the serious work out of the way so that they too may enjoy the performance side.

July 18th-20th 2019 are the dates confirmed for the 26th edition of Sónar Festival, which might cause a stir to the electronic music scene in Barcelona and the wider event management community, who run unofficial, unsanctioned fringe events where attendance figures have been dropping for a few years now, with some notable exceptions of course. The festival will revert back to its normal June 18th-20th dates for 2020.

Full Sonar 2019 tickets are on sale now at special early bird prices; All Sónar Day/Night €115 (on sale from June 18th), Sónar+D pro delegate passes €180 (from June 26th).

Sonar Attendance Stats:

64,000 Sónar by Day
62,00 Sónar by Night
54% national, 46% international (119 different countries)
5,900 delegates (61 different countries)
3,300 entities and companies
150 musical performances
230 Sónar+D activities
500 speakers and exhibitors
in addition, 10,000 attendees to Maker Faire

Sonar Around the World 2018-2019:

Buenos Aires (November 16th, 2018)
Bogotá (November 17th, 2018)
Istanbul (March 8th-9th, 2019)
Hong Kong (April 13th, 2019)
Reykjavík (April 25th-27th, 2019)

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Since moving to Barcelona 13 years ago, Mark J established himself as a DJ, a producer, a radio presenter and a freelance writer. He is nightlife editor of Barcelona Connect Magazine and has written for various online and print publications. Mark has interviewed legendary artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire & Funk D’Void as well as emerging artists like Carlo Lio, Mark Reeve or Coyu. You can catch him DJing in Barcelona clubs the Macarena and Becool.