Sónar Lisboa closes its musical programme with over 70 acts

The countdown begins for Sónar Lisboa 2022, which will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th April in different emblematic locations of the Portuguese capital. The inaugural edition will feature over 70 shows including performances by Arca, Bicep, Thundercat, Leon Vynehall, Polo & Pan and DJ Nigga Fox; and DJ sets by The Blaze, Charlotte de Witte, Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Honey Dijon, Dixon and Nídia, among many others.

Sónar Lisboa 2022, three days and nights of exploration
Lisboa is now on the home stretch towards its first edition of Sónar.

Arca, Bicep, DJ Shadow, Partiboi69, Overmono, Dixon and Richie Hawtin are some of the most prominent international names amongst the 40 acts that have joined the Sónar Lisbon 2022 line-up today. They join previously announced acts The Blaze, Charlotte de Witte, Nina Kraviz, Floating Points, India Jordan, Honey Dijon, Héctor Oaks, Nicola Cruz, Thundercat, and many others.

The vibrant Portuguese scene is widely represented throughout the lineup. DJ Marfox, Shaka Lion, DJ Lycox and Nídia have already been announced, and now others such as BLEID, Acid Alice, Violet live, Helena Guedes, and an acclaimed live performance by Angolan-Portuguese DJ Nigga Fox, have been added to the list.

The festival will take place on 8th, 9th and 10th April at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, the Coliseu dos Recreios and the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, with the Hub Criativo do Beato hosting the Sónar+D programme. These four emblematic spaces will showcase the Portuguese capital at its finest and act as the venues for a journey of discovery through advanced music, creativity and technology.

Sónar by Day – Friday 8th, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of April
Sónar by Day activities will kick off on Friday 8 April at the Hub Criativo do Beato, located in the Fábrica do Pão de Factory Lisboa. A full programme of talks, workshops, debates, demos, immersive experiences and exhibitions will take place there, as well as meetings between professionals and the general public. The conferences will explore intersections between art and creativity, between technology and research, and between music and science, with Our Planet and Humanity as the key themes. Over three days, the programme will use  virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and visual arts to explore the topic of sustainability.

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April, the musical programme of Sónar by Day will take over the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. On Saturday, the French-touch house sound of The Blaze (DJ); Honey Dijon’s buoyant yet potent mix of disco, house and techno; and a live performance by Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz taking in sounds from across the world, will take centre stage. On Sunday, Sónar Lisboa will dance to the rhythm of 90s-style breaks – with a hint of UK garage – during Overmono’s DJ set,  and groove to Jayda G’s fusion of Chicago-house and lo-fi glamour, plus a hotly anticipated set of pop-scented sampletronica from French duo Polo & Pan.

Sónar by Night, Friday 8th and Saturday April 9th

Sónar by Night will extend its musical program between Friday and Saturday, both at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes and at the Coliseu dos Recreios and Centro de Congressos de Lisboa.

The night of Friday, April 8th will feature high quality live performances,including  the revolutionary Venezuelan artist Arca, making her debut in Lisboa to present her highly acclaimed quartet of recently released albums, cult Detroit producer Stingray 313 or Los Angelese multi-instrumentalist Thundercat. Top flight club music will be represented by a host of undisputed modern icons, such as Charlotte de Witte and Dixon, as well as legends of the scene who continue to break new ground today, like Richie Hawtin. Other names who are heating up, such as Madrid’s Héctor Oaks, or adventurous DJs like DJ Nigga Fox, BLEID and Nídia, representing the most forward-thinking sounds of the Portuguese underground, will also man the booth.

Eclecticism takes over Sónar Lisboa on Saturday 9th April. Northern Ireland’s Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson will present their latest album Isles live, showing why Bicep are one of the biggest names in contemporary electronic music. Some of the highlights: an acid techno recital from Nina Kraviz; the percussive bass sound of Dengue Dengue Dengue; Enchufada Na Zona showcasing Lisboa’s unique cultural mix, a ground-breaking new live set from Leon Vynehall; Australian ghetto-freak Partiboi69; two masterclasses in dancefloor demolition from Berlin, with FJAAK live and Ellen Allien b2b Dr. Rubinstein; and wild, borderless revelry of rRoxymore.

Sónar Lisboa 2022 is organized by Pixel Harmony, which brings together the partners Made of You (Gustavo Pereira, Paulo Amaral, Raul Duro), João Wengorovius Meneses, Patricia Craveiro Lopes, Gonçalo Félix da Costa and Kiss, and it is supported by Turismo de PortugalCâmara Municipal de Lisboa and Turismo de Lisboa

Acid Alice, Aril Brikha live, Bicep live, The Blaze DJ, BLEID, Charlotte de Witte, Chloé Robinson, Dengue Dengue Dengue live, Dixon, DJ Lycox, DJ Lynce, DJ Marfox,  DJ Nigga Fox live, DJ Shadow, Dust Devices live, Elkka DJ, Ellen Allien b2b Dr. Rubinstein, Enchufada Na Zona, EU.CLIDES live, FJAAK live, Floating Points, Héctor Oaks, Helena Guedes, Honey Dijon, IAMDDB live, Imogen, India Jordan, Jayda G, Kampire, Leon Vynehall live, Marum, Nicola Cruz live, Nídia, Nina Kraviz, Nkisi, Otsoa, OVERMONO DJ, Partiboi69, Pedro da Linha b2b Riot, Phoebe, Photonz, Polo & Pan live, Pongo, Poté DJ, Richie Hawtin, rRoxymore live, Rui Vargas, Shaka Lion, Stingray 313 live, Switchdance, Thundercat live, Total Freedom, Valody, Vil b2b Cravo, Violet live, Yen Sung and many more..

Friday 8th April
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
Dixon | Elkka DJ set | Switchdance | Thundercat live | Trikk

Coliseu dos Recreios
Arca | Dj Lycox | Dj Marfox | Dj Nigga Fox live | Nídia | Total Freedom

Centro Congressos Lisboa
Aril Brikha live | BLEID | Charlotte de Witte | Héctor Oaks | Imogen | Marum | Nkisi | Phoebe | Photonz | Richie Hawtin | Stingray 313 live | Vil b2b Cravo | Violet live | Yen Sung 

Saturday 9th April
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
Dengue Dengue Dengue live | DJ Shadow | Enchufada Na Zona | Gafacci | Kampire | Pongo | Shaka Lion

Coliseu dos Recreios
Bicep live | Chloé Robinson | Floating Points | Helena Guedes | Leon Vynehall live | rRoxymore live | Rui Vargas

Centro Congressos Lisboa
Acid Alice | DJ Lynce | DJ Stingray 313 | Dust Devices live | Ellen Allien b2b Dr. Rubinstein | FJAAK live | Lewis Fautzi | Nina Kraviz | Otsoa | Partiboi69 | Valody

Friday 8th April
Hub Criativo do Beato (Factory Lisboa)
Talks / Technology / Arts / VR / AI / AV shows

Saturday 9th April
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
Ana Pacheco | The Blaze DJ set | Discos Extendes Crew | Honey Dijon | IAMDDB live | India Jordan | Ka§par live | Nicola Cruz live | Percebes Cru DJs | Poté DJ set

Hub Criativo do Beato (Factory Lisboa)
Talks / Technology / Arts / VR / AI / AV shows

Sunday 10th April
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
Anah | Cruz | EU.CLIDES live | Evan Baggs | Jayda G | Moulinex & Xinobi | Noia | Overmono DJ set | Pedro da Linha b2b Riot | Polo & Pan live | Tiago Marques | Torres | Zé Salvador

Hub Criativo do Beato (Factory Lisboa)
Talks / Technology / Arts / VR / AI / AV shows 

Sónar by Night 
April 8th or 9th
Centro de Congressos de Lisboa 
General – 55€
VIP – 85,00 €

Coliseu dos Recreios 
General – 60€ 
VIP – 90,00 €

Pavilhão Carlos Lopes 
General – 40€
VIP – 60€

Sónar by Day
2 Days Pass – April 9th and 10th
General – 110€
VIP – 175€

1 Day Pass – April 9th or 10th
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes + Fábrica do Pão
VIP – 90,00€

1 Day Pass – Pavilhão Carlos Lopes 
General – 50€

1 Day Pass – Fábrica do Pão 
General – 20,00 €

Sónar around the world
This year, in addition to the 29th edition in Barcelona (June 16th, 17th and 18th), Sónar will present festivals in Istanbul (5th edition, March 18th and 19th) and Lisboa (1st edition, April 8th, 9th and 10th).
Since being founded 1994, Sónar has hosted more than 100 festivals worldwide, with 76 editions taking place in 34 cities in over 20 different countries. Each edition adapts the philosophy of the Barcelona festival to unique spaces and environments, showcasing current international talent and the local scene in each location.

London (2002-2005/2009-2011) / Neuchatel (2002) / Hamburg (2002-2006) / Tokyo (2002, 2004, 2006, 2011-2013) / Rome (2003) / São Paulo (2004, 2012 y 2015) / Lyon (2004) / Guadalajara (2004) / Buenos Aires (2006, 2015-2018) / Seoul (2006) / Frankfurt (2007) / Washington (2009) / New York (2009 y 2012) / Chicago (2010 y 2012) / Capetown (2012 y 2014) / Toronto (2012) / Denver (2012) / Oakland (2012) / Boston (2012) / Montreal (2012) / Los Angeles (2012) / Osaka (2013) / Johannesburg (2014) / Reykjavík (2013-2018) / Copenhagen (2015) / Stockholm (2014-2016) / Santiago de Chile (2015) / Bogotá (2015-2018) / Hong Kong (2017-2019) / Mexico City (2018 y 2019) / Athens (2019) / Istanbul (2017-2022) / Lisboa (2022).

Dates: 8, 9 & 10 April 2022

Locations: Parque Docas de Santos, Factory Lisbon – Creative Hub Beato, Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Coliseu dos Recreios & Pavilhão do Rio, Lisbon Congress Center


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