Sony’s 360 Reality Audio plug-in allows you to create immersive music

Sony has announced a set of expansions to its 360 Reality Audio platform, with the 360 Reality Audio Creative suite, and two compatible speakers.

The 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite is a DAW plug-in that lets producers spatialise their audio to provide listeners with a more immersive experience. Sony has also announced the release of two 360 Reality Audio-compatible speakers (which we expect to land around Spring) and the first video streaming service in 360 Reality Audio. You can read more about the speakers here.

Sony’s 360-degree audio platform was launched in 2019, with TIDAL and Deezer signing up. So far there are 4,000 songs available in 360 Reality Audio from many big-name pop artists. So, maybe not quite hitting the target of the electronic music audience but I would expect that to change as Sony bring more artists on board.

The 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plug-in can place up to 128 individual mono audio tracks in the space with automation capability to move audio elements around the sound field. It will be available as an AAX and VST3 plug-in.

Sony’s plug-in is set to be released at the end of the month in partnership with Virtual Sonics Inc. Sony, and The Orchard are also launching a Creator’s Program, letting creators produce 360 Reality Audio content with the software and then stream the content.

Sony’s promise of providing consumers with an “immersive, room-filling 360 Reality Audio sound experience” could be desirable for some avid audiophiles out there. It is something I am sure many of us would love to hear in full effect, even if just out of intrigue.

Find out more about Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plug-in here.

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