Sven Vath is back with ‘The Sound of the 17th Season’ compilation on Cocoon Recordings

Artist: Various Artists / Sven Vath
Title: The Sound of the 17th Season
Label Cocoon Recordings
Release: 25th November 2016
Genre: House/Techno

One of the mix compilation release highlights of the year has arrived, bringing a wide range of tracks all heard on heavy rotation in the past Ibiza season. “Papa” Sven Väth is back with the legendary series ‘Sven Väth in the mix’, and in the 17th Season, he has carefully selected the music mixed in two CD’s, each portraying a distinct mood from a certain time of the night.

First off the mix starts as light and fresh as ever with Harald Bjork’s, ‘Sabor Latino’. Close your eyes, feel the sand under your feet, the sun on your face and let the rhythmic flow lead you to ‘Ordine Gigante’ by Ripperton. From here on the sound goes deeper, and the tracks shift from steamy groove over dreamy melodic into drums and shakers bringing a more driving feel to the mix.

‘Electric Salsa (Roman Flügel Remix)’ gives the mix a fun twist taking the emotions in another direction. The remix was just released this year as a part of the original’s 30 year anniversary, reminding us of Sven’s earlier years as part of the OFF collective and reflecting his role in the development of the electronic music scene over the last decades. Pantha Du Prince rounds up the first mix through ‘Dream Yourself Awake’, which leaves the listener oddly satisfied yet craving more.

Don’t worry, be happy, there is a second CD. Sven is presenting a wide range of proper dance floor fillers in a more technoid, forward and hard hitting style. Again we are invited to feel the joy of unexpected twists when suddenly recognising Adam Port’s, ‘Sonnenfinsternis’, leading us over to the Kölsch remix of Damian Lazarus’ track, ‘Trouble At The Seance’, before we enter the synth-laden world of Margot in ‘Er Suonone’. Continuing in this manor, the mix uses tracks of great variety put skillfully together, creating a wholeness taking the listener for a ride bringing back images and memories of sweaty club nights.

Through revisiting tunes by artists such as Bart Skills, Danny Daze, Johannes Heil and Konstantin Sibold to name a few, the mix brings to the front some of the biggest tunes heard the past year in new and exciting constellations. All in all this compilation is a very-complete release that, through its continuous transformation, offers a package including all the different styles one can ask for in an entire night.

01. Harald Björk – Sabor Latino (Mix Of Life Version)
02. Ripperton – Ordine Gigante
03. Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire – Molekule
04. Love Over Entropy – Sea
05. Kamran Sadeghi – Flow me
06. Alex & Digby – Angolan Rumble
07. Traumer – Ijah
08. Omar-S – Heard’chew feat. John FM
09. Eddie Fowlkes – Oriane
10. C-Rau – Sheeos Unn Note
11. OFF feat. Sven Väth – Electrica Salsa (Roman Flügel Remix)
12. Pantha Du Prince – Dream Yourself Awake

01. Levon Vincent – A-1
02. Ripperton – Ordine Gigante
03. Hot City Orchestra – Nine (André Galluzzi Remix)
04. Adam Port – Sonnenfinsternis
05. Damian Lazarus – Trouble At The Seance (Kölsch Remix)
06. Margot – Er Suonone
07. Danny Daze – Swim
08. Sven Väth – Robot (Kölsch Remix)
09. Slam – Take You There feat. Mr. V
10. Floorplan – Spin
11. Bart Skills – Fifth Gear
12. Johannes Heil – By Night Part One
13. Emmanuel – Entroterra
14. Konstantin Sibold – Mutter

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