SoundCloud wraps its creator forum at AVA Festival

The SoundCloud Creator Forum, SoundCloud’s live event platform designed to empower emerging creators, stopped in London for the first time to bring its programming to AVA Festival on Friday, March 13.

Programming featured a talk led by DJ, documentary maker, and radio producer Martha Pazienti Caidan on how to break through the industry as an artist with artists Jensen Interceptor, Object Blue, and Asquith, as well as a discussion on the changing shape of DJ culture led by journalist Seamas O’Reilly including insights from DJs and producers Cinthie and Spencer Parker.

Jensen Interceptor performs at the SoundCloud Creator Forum DJ showcase on March 13, 2020 in London

The forum also hosted a discussion on the art of self care and finding sustainable success through wellness for creatives. Seamas O’Reilly moderated a discussion with Lara Cullen of The People Person, music support counselor Denise Sherwood, DJ and sleep expert Tom Middleton, and Tristan Hunt of the Association of Electronic Music.

The forum wrapped with a live DJ showcase featuring Object Blue, Asquith, Jensen Interceptor, and Machine Woman.

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