Spotify launches codes to share your music

Spotify has launched ‘Codes’ – an in app feature inspired by Snapchat’s Snapcodes, which makes it easy to follow people on the app. But Spotify Codes are about quickly sharing music.

“Now there’s a unique code for everything on Spotify. Scan a code on a friend’s phone and go to that song, artist or playlist,” The feature is rolling out to users globally.

Beyond just sharing playlists Spotify Codes could be a boon to music in other ways. “While friends sharing playlists is certainly one use, the much more interesting aspect is what Spotify Codes could mean for artist marketing,” suggests Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge “Flyers, posters, billboards… perhaps even TV advertising – something that would take Spotify Codes into the territory traditionally occupied by Shazam.”

Introducing Spotify Codes, a brand new way for users to share any track, artist, album, or playlist available on Spotify, as easily as taking a picture.

Scan a code on your friend’s phone to follow his or her party playlist, share your Spotify profile on your social channels, or take a screenshot and import a code posted by your favourite artist to hear their latest single. You can also scan a Spotify Code printed on a flyer, poster or even a billboard.

To access Spotify Codes, simply tap on the “…” context menu and you will see a Spotify Code appended to the bottom of the artwork. By tapping on the Code-enhanced artwork you can also save it to your Camera Roll for easy and quick social sharing.

To scan a Spotify Code, simply click on the new camera icon located to the right of the Search bar, scan the artwork, and be directed immediately to that piece of content.

But Spotify Codes are not just great for sharing new music with friends and loved ones, they also present an innovative and exciting new way for artists, labels and brands to instantly engage with fans through Spotify. We’re excited to see the creative ways in which they are used.

Spotify Codes are currently being rolled out to all users on both Android and iOS globally.