“I was not happy racing cars, I was happy in the studio jamming with my synths and trying new beats out” – SQUIRE

Squire is one of the most interesting upcoming Spanish and international talents on the scene. Born with a Jazz’s soul he has soon delivered a unique sound that merges techno and house with an incredible variety of influences. The key of his success have been focus, respect for music tradition and an eye open to the future of electronic music. Keeping his sound into ‘Deep’ atmospheres he has rapidly creates around his name interest and excitement and he’s surely one to be followed. Despite his young age, he has already released records on emblematic labels such as Get Physical, Rebellion, My Favorite Robot Records, Tenampa and Parquet Recordings.

With a very interesting and accomplished career before making the switch to music full time I had a very candid chat with one of the freshest sounding artists of this year, Jaime Alguersuari aka SQUIRE.

Hi Jaime. I hope you’re well and in the mood for a bit of fun with this interview. I’m sure you have been asked a lot about your previous career as a Formula 1 driver having raced for Red Bull for a period since you were aged 16, also noting you were once a British Formula 3 champion in 2008. Yet your reason for retiring from the sport wasn’t a hard decision to make. Could you briefly explain why?

Yes of course. Basically I was out of Formula 1 on my best moment technically and professionally of my whole career. To get back into a competitive car I was asked to bring sponsor money as almost every driver brings a huge amount of money from big oil companies or so. At that time I was offered a job as a test driver and then I gave electric car racing a go, I raced Formula E with Virgin and it didn’t go well. It was the first year of the series but I was not really feeling it. When you make music, or you play tennis or you drive a racing car you have to commit to the fullest and you have to be in love to get the best out of you, otherwise you won’t extract the most potential out of yourself.

When I understood that I was already making music since 2010 and I released already a couple of records while I was still racing but I was really waiting for the day where I could concentrate and commit 100% to music. Damian Lazarus helped me to take that decision actually, he was the one man at the time to sign me on his label and then I was starting to believe that if I would have more time to invest on making music I might have a chance in the industry. I wanted to make sure that it was just about the music! Then SQUIRE was born.

Now we’ve established that your passion within the music scene is now your main focus how did you set about the transition?

It is hard, I mean, I’m jumping into a swimming pool without knowing that there might be no water in it but the thing is I need to follow my heart, that’s what I believe. I was not happy racing cars, I was happy in the studio jamming with my synths and trying new beats out. My body asked me to close the door, start a new chapter in my life from 0 and just write music. And I’m still in that process because there is nothing better than this for me, well I haven’t found anything better than this yet. So yes, the transition is to work for 10 or 12 hours inside a room and trying to push the boundaries with music that I feel coming from the depth end of my heart, if then I’m liked out there and the project works that would be the cherry on the cake then!

Career changes can be daunting at the best of times. Were there ever any doubts or was your desire and focus enough to see you through?

Not at all, I was very sure what I wanted to do next, but again, as I said, I don’t know if this will work or not, I just feel what I think is the right thing to do. Nothing more nothing less.

If you could compare the buzz and adrenaline of Formula 1 to the best DJ gig you’ve ever played would they come close? And could you briefly describe the two?

I think its very difficult to compare such a thing. I mean I feel music and racing have many many things in common but first of all I don’t think music is a competition at all but of course playing with a great sound system and a great crowd could be referred as driving a perfect car with a huge amount of grip and power.

It’s victory lap time. What track would you drive round the track to and why?

Well, without a doubt one of the tracks that reminds me so much of the feeling of being on a race track, pushing a lap time and nailing every corner would come out from Kavinsk’s Nightcall. I love this tune. Electro Alternative Pop with some 80s elements on it makes the best mixture for the spice.

You have been deeply interested in making your own music since your teenage years. Looking back to those days of experimenting with sound is there anything you would have done differently if you could live those years again?

Not really. I mean if I look back and listen to the music I started doing I would be covering my ears, but you know at the same time I’m proud of it as well because its part of me, part of the process and it’s great, so no I don’t think I would change anything from the past.

Bearing in mind you are still only in your mid-late twenties are you content with staying on the music path or are there any other passions in your life that could possible take you off track?

Women! Hahaha no no I’m kidding. I don’t think so, I have committed to this with a goal, with an intention of telling a story to the world, Its a challenge story for me as when you drive for the first time a formula 1 car, I am full of motivation and dedication for whatever comes.

That’s a perfectly acceptable answer haha. Let’s talk about some of your releases and accolades to date.

– Which is your first production you were 100% truly happy with and why?

I think it was back in 2013, I released a record called “When Love” and it was special for me cause it was the first time I was writing my vocals and it was a fresh sound for summer at that time so yeah it was pretty cool to play this one out back in the day.

– Record label you are most proud to be released on and why?

Very difficult to mention just one but obviously for me was very special when Damian called and then John Digweed and Sasha started playing the music out and they included the records on one of the compilations on Bedrock, that was of course very special and something I will never forget.

– Your bestselling release so far?

“Fullfilled “ EP on Parquet Recordings.

You have prepared a mix for us with very infectious drums and enchanted melodies with hints of Jazz. Varied yet still very connected. It sets a very exotic scene. Would you say this is a fair evaluation of your sound that would align with your musical roots?

I think so yes. I’m going through a very nice moment artistically, specially in the studio I have many ideas to write new and different stuff but always trying to get as emotional as I can.

Lastly, what new material can we expect to hear from you for the rest of the year?

A lot of stuff is coming out now which I’m really happy with. We have a Flying Circus compilation and then an EP at the end of the year, then we have my second release on BAR 25 Music next month, then we’ve got the second EP on Smoke n Mirrors, then a very very special one for me with a great loving person who I met this year, Behrouz‘s Do not Sit On the Furniture, and this is a very special one because we have been super picky on selecting the music out and I really really feel this release as ME at the moment, it’s the most complete single I’ve ever done I would say.

Very exciting times. Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank you for this interview and I hope you guys enjoy the music!! All the best much love x


It’s been great getting to know you and talking through your achievements throughout your life so far. All the best with your success we’ll be following you for sure.


01. Dele Sosimi, Prince Fatt – You no fit touch am (dub)
02. Jugurtha – Khayyam (Ask Remix)
03. Floyd Lavine – Masala (Jungle Boogie Mix)
04. Kalabrese – Bananenrauber
05. Ernesto Ferreyra – Los Domingos Vuelo a Casa
06. Gab Rhome – Raphael
07. Squire – Crazy heroes ft. Alani (unreleased)
08. Levon Vincent – Anti Corporate Music
09. Furic Live Set – Forest (Main Mix)
10. Dodi Palese – Agulhas
11. Be Svendson – Drifter (Madmotormiquel Remix)

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