Squire releases entrancing EP ‘The Hidden’ on Einmusika

Squire adds another cool imprint to his resume, making him, even more, an artist to watch right now, as he drops his EP debut on Einmusika, ‘The Hidden’, out now.

The two-tracker is a satisfyingly tasty filling sandwiched between a run of compelling and catchy releases. Just recently, his ‘Papillon’ with its hook-heavy vocals headed up the latest ‘Bella Mar’ VA (Einmusika); a stunning remix of Rodriguez Jr. ‘Haussmann’ (Mobilee); a track on ADID’s ‘Summer Sampler’ VA. With another EP on Mobilee in October, Squire is now firmly on the map, with an exciting buzz around him from those in the know.

With title track ‘The Hidden’, a strong yet intriguingly muffled beat and bass riff are joined by chimes from a muted gong, before the beat toughens up to a fuzzy growl, balancing the breathy vocals and mysterious lyrics. Occasionally, zither-like synth chords knife through the sensual, melodic soundscape.

‘Miscelanea’ has a harder-hitting, more up-tempo beat and bass. A slow, beautiful synth melody injects gravitas and assurance, keeping us enchanted while alternately twanging and snarling notes keep up a conversation, before the extended breakdown’s vocals with a middle eastern vibe usher in a fast, all-out section before the mournful synth calls us home again.

Squire’s ability to grab the listener’s attention with his heartfelt melodies has entranced labels across the world. You can get ‘The Hidden’ here.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about many genres of music from Breakbeat and Drum & Bass to Techno and Electronica. A man that lives in a world of bass and beats, Ian is an obsessive collector of music and a true geek at heart, with many years spent in application design.