Stanza’s ‘The Nemesis Machine’ is an ever evolving artwork

The Nemesis Machine becomes a mini, mechanical metropolis that monitors the behaviours, activities, and changing information, of the world around us using networked devices and electronically transmitted information across the internet. The parts of the city act as a frame for the different expression of data and information which is being expanded as the digital artwork develops. The artwork represents the complexities of the real time city as a shifting morphing and complex system. It visualises life in the metropolis on the basis of real time data transmitted from a network of wireless sensors. In essence the artwork is an digital emergent city, a hybrid internet of things (IoT) installation. The artwork you see is a city of electronic components that reflect in real time what is happening elsewhere. Small screens show pictures of the visitors so that they become part of the city. In this sense the city and the artwork are one and the whole artwork functions as an algorithmically coded city observing its real world double.

The data and their interactions – that is, the events occurring in the environment that surrounds and envelops the installation – are translated into the force that brings the electronic city to life by causing movement and change; that is, new events and actions to occur. In this way, the city performs itself, in real-time, through its physical avatar or electronic double. The city we see performs itself through another city. Cause and effect become apparent in a discreet, intuitive manner. When certain events occur in the real city they cause certain other events to occur in its completely different, but seamlessly incorporated, double. The avatar city is not only controlled by the real city in terms of its function and operation but also utterly dependent upon it for its existence. The artwork reforms this data creating parallel realities.


In the gallery, the work can be shaped formally on a plinth or be placed directly on the floor and also into different spaces.

Technology. The installation makes use of wireless sensors, wireless scanning technologies, surveillance networks, facial tracking and big data. All this combines to create all the agency and action in the artwork. In other words the lights, motors, and sounds only happens because of events occurring in the real space.

A custom made multi mesh network of environmental sensors that send data in real-time to the artwork. A camera-based surveillance with several hidden cameras inside the artwork. There is also another local layer of sensors; which includes systems for measuring by pollution gases no2, co2, o2, and alcohol. There are also the possibility to incorporate several screens showing other types of city-data.

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About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about many genres of music from Breakbeat and Drum & Bass to Techno and Electronica. A man that lives in a world of bass and beats, Ian is an obsessive collector of music and a true geek at heart, with many years spent in application design.