Steinberg releases SpectraLayers Pro 6, adds ARA 2 support

Having recently acquired spectral editing software SpectraLayers from Magix, Steinberg has promptly released SpectraLayers Pro 6. The new version adds ARA 2 support, new types of so-called ‘fade masks’, an advanced selection engine and a more intuitive interface.

SpectraLayers Pro 6 features support for ARA 2, a plug-in extension that facilitates smoother workflow between DAWs and other audio manipulation software. And with Steinberg recently adding ARA integration to both Cubase and Nuendo, ARA 2 support has arrived just in time for the spectral editing software.

In older versions, SpectraLayers let you make selections with colourful ‘fade’ masks. Pro 6 now allows you to choose from multiple fade types and apply them anywhere in the selection, as opposed to only at the edges. Also fresh on the menu is an advanced selection engine that boasts nine selection tools. One standout is the new Move tool that lets you ‘grab’ layers in order to move or scale them.

Elsewhere, the upgraded plug-in features external editor integration. This means that you can have WaveLab and Melodyne set up within SpectraLayers, and use them to process selections made in the spectral editing software.

SpectraLayers is available at €199.50 (RRP €399). You can also upgrade from Pro 5 at €50 (RRP €99.99), or from any versions before that at €99.50 (RRP €199).

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