Bedrock favourite Stelios Vassiloudis returns to the label with his ‘66.6 EP’

Artist: Stelios Vassiloudis
Title: 66.6 EP
Label: Bedrock
Cat No: Beddigi91
Released: 16th January 2017
Genre: House/Techno

No stranger to the musical landscape of Bedrock Records, the immensely talented and creative, Stelios Vassiloudis returns to the mighty label with a three track EP. This only spells well for the dance floor in general, and can only be described as a winning combination.

Setting up the package, ‘Blood Orange’ is fluid, expertly shaped in it’s thundering interiors, a dubby number; the layers unfold slowly but surely, into being a burly floor beast, the atmospheric electronics joining in one by one, imperceptibly so. The cough-syrup-laced beverage of choice, presumably explains the chopped-and-screwed lilt to the sample—husky, slurred, hypnotic. But the bass line drowns you in with its moody progression from the squalling breakdown and goes on to make otherwise, still waters, run deep into something quietly exceptional.

Next up, ‘Slippy’ gets even better, slippery and sliding around like a venomous snake, the long arc of the track is a trip, yet so surprisingly forceful with its soft sounds and mystical tempo. You cannot help be lured by the synthesis of the bass and the coursing mind altering hypnotics involved of the tune.

Finishing things, ‘La Quarantaine’ is pure machine over-drive, kept tightly together by a shiny dithering bass line that can make even the sleeping move. The moody, murky melody line sounds unstable, with every raw edge creating a tiny filigree of discord and movement within. A somewhat more straightforward tune that deals with unfamiliar spindly electric charges and forward-driving progress. The track delves in pure black hole atmospheres, playing tricks in an air-deprived oxygen chamber, and audibly-diffusing mists of frequencies sucked into the invisible swirling vortex that takes you in with it. It’s all superb work and the execution of the entire pack quite the welcome back from Stelios to Bedrock.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.