Stelios Vassiloudis releases his first ambient electronic record, ‘All Else Fails’ on Balance Music

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Stelios Vassiloudis poses a triple threat as a composer, producer and DJ. Having been active in the electronic music scene since the early 2000s he has cultivated his own brand of distinctive ambience reflective of his rich and diverse musical background; transcending the dance floor via an emotional narrative of complex soundscapes, intricate harmonies and hypnotic rhythms.  

End Transmission’ was the first track on the upcoming album to be completed. After Stelios sought reclusion in his studio during the pandemic, he was met with a 64-bar loop of ambient drones and harmonic washes after wading through folder upon folder of previously created projects, in search of something different. Rather “generic” at the time, Stelios made deliberate adjustments including ⅞ time signature changes impacting the phrasing and rhythmic patterns, and ensured plenty of time was set aside to revel in all of the magical unpredictability when recording with live instruments.   

The release is accompanied by an extra ‘Sweet Sunny’ remix by iconic electronic producer John Beltran that will feature on the album’s limited edition.  Stelios has also created a further dub variation of the track.  

Ten years on from his last full-length, All Else Fails is a stimulating odyssey to anyone listening. Harmonically dense, arcadian glistens seep throughout the ten tracks, each complimentary to the next. Bask in the wistful iridescence and you won’t be disappointed.  

Stelios carved his way into electronic music by traversing around the globe as a DJ and performer – performing at intimate underground bars in Beirut, festivals in Miami, after-hours in Tokyo, beaches in Goa and mega clubs in Argentina. Having developed a formidable discography on esteemed labels such as Bedrock, Poker Flat, Ovum, Constant Sound and Darkroom Dubs, among others, Stelios’ studio prowess and coveted productions cemented his reputation as a versatile and acclaimed artist. His intense passion and drive for innovation in music serves as the fuel to keep him inspired and relevant, qualities that no doubt ensure his reputation as an artist of the highest calibre, will endure.   

‘End Transmission’ is out February 18. PRE ORDER 

The album All Else Fails is out March 25, via Balance Music – PRE ORDER. 

1. End Transmission (Single version) 

2. End Transmission (John Beltran’s Sweet Sunny mix) 

3. End Transmission (Dub Variation) 

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