Stellar OM Source debuts on Dekmantel Records

If there is one thing that leaps out from Stellar OM Source’s music, it is the sense of a highly active mind at work. There is an indivisible feeling that a real person is behind this dynamic flurry of tones, waves, vibrations and modulations. On I See Through You the spark that first LP piqued the interest of so many listeners is glowing stronger than ever.

In the 2010s, Christelle Gualdi carved a name as one of the most essential live electronic musicians around, dazzling dancers and home listeners in kind with her bombastic, acidic hardware jams. Circumstances outside her control forced a stop for the Stellar OM Source project. It was touring, including two shows in the summer of 2019 at Dekmantel Festival and Listen! that Gualdi credits as year highlights, which proved to be the integral jump-start to the engine. Inspiration came rushing back thanks to the human connection of performing. Seeing a younger generation connect with her put fresh charge into the circuitry of her gear. All this accrued into new material on the road, and thus I See Through You was born.

Dekmantel Records
Stellar OM Source – I See Through You
Release date: 09/12/2019
Format: 12” EP + Digital

Track List:
A1. Night Alone
A2. Lost Codes
B1. White Echoes
B2. Wild Palms



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