Steve Lawler makes his debut on Hector Couto’s Roush imprint

Artist: Steve Lawler
Title: People Having Sex
Label: Roush
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Steve Lawler is kicking off the new year with a huge release on Hector Couto’s label Roush. Steve is certainly considered one of the heavyweights within the electronic music scene being a big part of shaping the sound of tomorrow with his label Viva Music, and also a highly regarded artist delivering strong releases.

Roush has kept on fascinating listeners all over the world in the recent years pushing forward with fresh sounds from some of the biggest names in the industry such as DJ T, Solardo, Steve Rachmad and of course label boss himself Hector Couto.

The three-tracker is a massive unfolding of classic elements interpreted and reinterpreted in new but yet oddly familiar ways. ‘People Having Sex’ lives of the classic drum machine programming working with the bouncy sounds. This, accompanied by the soft vocals creates a dynamic and timeless sound. Hector has also put his hands on ‘People Having Sex’ and joins in on the release with his own interpretation of the title track. The tune claims its well-deserved space through a powerful bassline giving the whole thing a mighty feel, and providing a solid frame for the on point elements coming together one after another in a perfectly fit. Cuartero, who is known for his straight on catchy grooves, finishes off the release with his remix that brings his characteristic way of putting high-intensity percussions and light-footed shuffling hats into play while using the vocals in a fun way to underline the classic Cuartero style of the track.

‘People Having Sex’ perfectly lines up three tracks with very different feels built on the same base, but each has a certain flair that without a doubt will charm their listeners. The original starts out as something slightly nostalgic but uses the sounds of the past to create something new and exciting, and the remixes offer modern and dance floor approved versions. A well-formed release that sets a rock-solid standard for what can be expected to come on the label over the next months.

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