Stress Records relaunch iconic album series

Following the successful return of Stress Records 2018, the label pay homage to the history of Stress by resurrecting one of the most iconic dance album series of 1990s ‘Club Culture’. At a time when nightlife itself is under threat, there has never been a more important time to celebrate how important club culture is to the UK and the world. 

A 24 track album showcasing exciting new talent the label have developed, alongside todays cutting edge artists providing a range of exclusives and unreleased material amongst current club hits. The sound captures the sonic essence of Stress Records, and clubland today including talent such as Prospa, Will Easton, Tommy Farrow, Eli Brown, Dusky and more. Whilst young and exciting acts such as Tibasko, HUGO and Leo Kalt provide weighty exclusives to this incredible double mix album.  

To celebrate the relaunch of Club Culture a limited edition Stress vinyl sampler (their first vinyl release since 1999) will be available in stores, alongside a series of live streams from selected artists featured on the album and a limited run of merch in partnership with Wasted Heroes – all celebrating the rich and diverse culture that has emerged from those heady days of the early 90’s. Stress has consistently soundtracked the evolution of house music across the UK, providing seminal moments of ‘Club Culture’ and that will always remain. 

‘We wanted to create a collection that showcased the energy of an emerging clubland today, showcasing just how far electronic music has come and join the dots between those early 90’s experimentations to the global community it is today and celebrate just how much clubs contribute not only to the dance music industry but the wider world and culture at large’ – Sean Brosnan (DJ, Radio Host, Remixer)

The Stress label brought the world many seminal house tracks in the 1990s including Bedrock ‘For You Dream Of’, Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm and Greed’s ‘Pump Up The Volume’. During the 1990’s Stress was considered one of the world’s greatest indepdent record labels, where it became known for it’s growing influence on the progressive house scene. It gave birth to the early careers of iconic producers Sasha and John Digweed. Today it is carving out a whole new scene taking inspiration from the past but creating a whole new sound for the stable. 
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  1. Adam Butler – Descent
  2. Tommy Farrow – Let’s Just
  3. Lau.ra – Get Creative (Cousn Remix)
  4. Tibasko – Want You
  5. BluePrint – Lost Inside Your Own Ambitions
  6. Because Of Art – Pray
  7. Chameleon – The Way It Is (Prospa Extended Remix)
  8. Kiwi – Kiya (Rave Mix)
  9. Hugo – It’s What’s Inside
  10. Prospa – Information
  11. Dusky – Amongst The Gods
  12. Brotein – Keep It Coming
  13. Alex Metric – Fight Against It
  14. Will Easton – Audacity
  15. Leo Kalt – Know The Ropes
  16. Morgan Seatree – Cosmic
  17. Future Self – Enceladus
  18. Freefall Feat. Jan Johnston – Skydive (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
  19. Dimension Project – It All Happens At Once
  20. Bajau feat. Zoe Kypri – Slow Motion
  21. Will Easton – Turn Back
  22. Deltic State – Sweet Disarray (AFFKT Remix)
  23. ATMOS – Elevate
  24. David Jackson – X-Pander
  25. Milkwish – Eden
  26. This Culture – Vibrations
  27. BluePrint – A Rose Between Two Thorns (VERONICA)
  28. The Alexsander – Jupiter’s Letter
  29. Vonda7 – Rising Vibrations
  30. Artche – Footsteps
  31. Chris & James – Calm Down (Because Of Art Remix)
  32. Route 66 – Revolution (Tough Love Remix)
  33. Eli Brown – Come Together
  34. Christian Nielsen – Dark City

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