Studio 338’s new double height terrace is set to be the talk of the town

Breaking news from London’s most exciting music and art space Studio 338.

With the year’s exclusive and carefully curated parties well under way, the new double-height steel and glass atrium is also beginning to take shape. As such, firm design details can now be revealed, sure to whet any discerning raver’s whistle ahead of its completion in spring.

The picture demonstrates how much the vast glass structure will add to the club. Keeping the less desirable elements at bay while letting the sun beam in, it will also improve sound quality no end. Volumes at every event will be able to be pumped up whilst retaining the venue’s trademark sonic clarity.

Studio 338 is famed for its no-expense-spared approach to production, for its exclusive party brands, rare headline sets and surprise events, and this is being proven each and every weekend. The impressive new atrium will encase party atmospheres and add to the overall intensity and sense of togetherness of the space.

Key facts
– double height steel & glass structure
– new roof will be 10 meters higher than the old terrace.
– triple glazed, air-port grade, acoustically toughened glass will be used.
– 180 degree wrap around mezzanine above the terrace.
– new Void Acoustics sound system will be installed