Sudbeat and Hernan Cattaneo rounds out the year with a bumper crop of remixes

Artist: Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile
Title: Into The Edge/Lunar/Imaginarium
Label: Sudbeat
Cat no: SB080
Release: 30th November 2015
Genre: Progressive House/ Techno

No amount of praise for label boss and evergreen DJ/Producer Hernan Cattaneo’s body of work is required to sum up his stylish musicality and so goes the same for his collaborative efforts with Soundexile and another with Guy Mantzur, that sees the return of three great tracks originally out on Cattaneo’s Balance CD edition, currently remixed by several very cutting edge producers of the dance music scene. This one gets a release on Hernan’s very own label Sudbeat later this month.

Without further ado tackling the first remix of the package, James Teej’s Wind Valley Mix puts pulses on every square of – “Into The Edge”, as the familiar, gets unfamiliar cruising at its, own refurbished speed. This time around the track’s alluring synth tinged energy is amped proper and it adds a slow burn stomp, catching fire to the end. The groove gets laced with fierce chord play and swirls of atmospherics, thudding against a heavy hand clap bass which should all work the floor to bits.

The second remix of the aforementioned tune comes from Tel Aviv musician Khen, whose treatment presents a prominent off beat pulse and trademark hiss and squelch, warm atmospherics throttle the bass that sounds like its chiseled from granite. The restrained sparse rhythm of the low end gets ominously good, against the back drop of pulsing muted melody and clattering sulky soul.

Next up – “Lunar” gets a reinterpretation from Simon Vuarambon, a low slung affair as you tune in and remember the original, here Simon adds blocky beats and a cavernous interior that mocks all the machinery of the deep dub monster remake. A story within a story that halfway through throws in a cinematic overture filling the track, cascading to a flirtatious end.

Closing the pack Mike Greigo fine tunes – “Imaginarium”, and this particular rework puts the dance back in to the proceedings with its hypnotic deliciously self-indulgent bass going on its way, challenging you to meet and cohort with it. It’s like stepping in to a dark pasture of acidic showers, cool vocals, and loopy grooves that help you burn the speakers to cinder. Fantastic stuff!!