Sudbeat’s next release collects one of the treasures of dance music in the form of Sahar Z

Artist: Sahar Z, incl of Interaxxis Remix
Title: Deep Within
Label: Sudbeat
Cat No: SB 128
Release date: 16/04/2018
Genre: Progressive House

Sudbeat’s next release collects one of the treasures of dance music in the form of Sahar Z, one of Tel Aviv’s brightest light to bring in – Deep Within, a track that introduces the groove back in to dance music, cause personally for me, most of them tunes nowadays aren’t designed for much. With a quiet qualling first few beats and that bass swell gets off thereafter, and you have a winner!

The distant slightly echo laden treble and more interesting, thanks to an off kilter sense of dynamics and layering, really at times quickens the pace and then slows in parts very smartly, never really changing much but then the whispering vocalism, fx and atmospheric under belly does most of the work to keep you interested all throughout its 8 mins.

Sahar employs an avant-garde approach to this track and it’s subtle progression, as I’m well aware of his Techish leanings, he shrouds the track though with a slower bpm and a border line sulky rhythm, in exchange for the otherwise up tempo Progressive cuts of current times, and I laud this abstract effort but one that’s compelling. There’s a dub mix thrown in for cool measure, which is relatively straight forward before it finally explodes in to a hypnotic flurry of repetition at the end.

Flipping over to the lone remix, comes from Buenos Aires musician Interaxxis whose rework is really magic as he puts a lurching bass line and fills the spaces of the track with indecipherable, incandescent electronics, and a lovable kick, fx that surge and snake around everywhere. The track sounds really good, with its quickened pace and ominous trippy insides, skipping taut brassy interiors. I don’t think any DJ is going to leave this one aside, and overall it’s a release that makes summer special.


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